European Enterprise Awards 2023

Aug22136 Best Home Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions Provider - Mallorca There’s nothing worse than leaving your home, for any period of time, and returning to find that trouble has struck, and nobody knows this better than those who have a second residence. Here to help clients with keeping their Mallorca homes tidy, damage-free, and ready for their return is Hausengel. Equipped with over 20 years of personal experience, Hausengel provides an invaluable service that ensures clients can enjoy their home away from home. Join us as we look into how Hausengel promises to secure a tidy, worry-free retreat for every valued customer. Managed by Diana Treffer, a woman who has a very personal understanding of the stresses of returning to a home in Mallorca, only to find that issues have arisen, Hausengel exists as the solution to this very problem. Houses, somehow, always manage to find ways of falling into disrepair if not properly cared for, whether in terms of general problems, or largescale damage. Regardless, regular repairs and maintenance are essential to guarantee that, when you retire to your Mallorca-based residence, you aren’t walking into a week’s worth of phone calls and problem solving. Hausengel is just that – a service that takes care of Mallorca homes to ensure any owner can return and indulge in the rest they deserve. Whether it’s taking care of maintenance, or simply cleaning on behalf of the homeowner, Dec23157 Hausengel seeks to leverage over 20 years of experience to completely eliminate any and all worries. Its overarching goal is to provide peace of mind to each client, and it’s prepared to do everything in its power to ensure that this mission is accomplished as efficiently as possible. And, with its origin spanning from German seriousness and ingenuity, this practical provider is able to consistently uphold its promise of keeping properties wellkept, no matter the circumstances. Additionally, Hausengel boasts quite the range of local connections. Its network spans a variety of trusted professionals, each backed by their extensive experience and exceptionally high standing among those who know the industry inside out. As such, Hausengel is able to utilise the skills of the most talented individuals within Mallorca, all for the benefit of its clients. In the pursuit of this perfection, Hausengel has proudly served over 200 clients, treating each and every one’s homes as if they were its own. This is what truly characterises Hausengel – it doesn’t simply maintain a home, but prepares it to be the best version of itself for whenever its owner may return. Though it may not have been a smooth transition from Germany to Mallorca, Diana committed herself to relearning what she knew about the industry. Mallorca had a completely different way of doing things, and only after understanding just how vast these differences were could Hausengel start to thrive at an astounding rate. Diana never once gave up, and it’s clear that her tireless work has definitely paid off – Hausengel now stands as the most trusted business of its nature across all of Mallorca, and its renown is something to be revered. Hausengel is a reflection of Diana’s dedicated heart and determined mind, and, combined, these elements of her personality have helped to change the lives of clients across England and Germany alike. Here at EU Business News, we are always on the lookout for those who are committed to improving the ways in which the people of Europe live their lives. Hausengel is one such provider. Through its eye for detail, and its passion for bringing a smile to the faces of its clients as they retire to their Mallorca-based properties for a summer of bliss, Hausengel has demonstrated an unbridled excellence that we’re all too eager to present to our readers. We can’t wait to see how Hausengel expands as we begin our much-anticipated transition into the warmer months of 2024. Contact Details Contact: Diana Treffer Company: Hausengel Web Address: