French CEO of the Year Awards 2023

10. Sleep Improvement Solutions CEO of the Year 2023: Dr Déborah Aisenberg Through a mobile application and individualised human support, Shifters strives to help shift workers achieve a better sleep pattern that lines up with their hours of work. With improved sleep, they are likely to experience a myriad of physical and mental health benefits, making them more productive in the workplace. Shifters was founded by CEO Dr Déborah Aisenberg, Pharm.D, a scientist with extensive knowledge in the field of sleep. Here, we explore her previous experience and the company she has created. Many companies find that their shift working teams are exhausted due to lack of sleep, leading to high rates of absenteeism and costly accidents linked to fatigue. Often, managers and HR staff are at a loss as to how to support their shift workers, leaving them feeling neglected by the company. This is a vicious cycle that has gone unsolved for many years. Since 2019, Shifters has been working to address the issue for the benefit of both workers and companies. It has created an innovative algorithm that combines sleep medicine with cognitive science to offer a solution in the form of a personalised sleep program. The digital programme is delivered through a mobile app, alongside which users can engage in monthly calls with a sleep expert. Based on cognitivebehavioural therapy, the app’s goal is to observe the user’s habits, then gradually modify them until the ideal sleep pattern is achieved. Shifters primarily works with companies, providing them with a solution through which they can improve the wellbeing and performance of their shift workers. When the start-up takes on a new client, it begins by engaging them in several discussions in order to gain an understanding of their working methods and what they aim to achieve. Whether they hope to reduce the number of accidents at work, avoid drowsiness at the wheel, or improve employee satisfaction, Shifters will help them achieve their goals. Having completed her studies in Pharmacy, specialising in Pharmacology, at Paris Descartes, with the M2 in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience at UPMC, Dr Déborah Aisenberg went on to do the X-HEC Bioentrepreneur MSc. Very early on in her academic career, she realised that neuroscience was her primary area of interest, which inspired her to undertake internships in laboratories researching treatments for brain pathologies. However, Dr Déborah found that she was drawn to the concept of helping patients rapidly with an innovative solution, which led her to entrepreneurship. After speaking to a number of caregivers with staggered hours of work, Dr Déborah was enlightened to the significant need for effective sleep support for shift workers. This is what inspired her to create Shifters. With experience in research laboratories, she has been able to establish clinical and scientific methodology within the company, testing the support process with the appropriate clinical scales. She shares, “I set up Shifters on my own and stayed with it for a good two years. After a first year focused on scientific and product development, I had to learn how to sell my solution, first to hospitals and then to industry. I love the challenge and the feeling that I’m constantly learning.” As a leader, Dr Déborah believes in the value of her team and understands the role she has to play in guiding and steering them in the right direction. She constantly aims at maintaining a balance between giving them the opportunity to develop their ideas and establishing a clear vision with precise deadlines. Dr Déborah also strongly values communication and transparency, so she works to ensure that her team feel comfortable expressing their views and ideas. As a result of Dr Déborah’s expertise, innovation, and effective leadership, Shifters now enables countless shift employees to reap the benefits of improved sleep. Since its launch, her app has received numerous positive reviews. For example, one states, “I finally understood how my sleep and my body work. I have better concentration and I am aware of my sleep. I try to correct my bad habits as I go! It’s tedious but it works.” For her continued excellence, Dr Déborah Aisenberg has been awarded Sleep Improvement Solutions CEO of the Year in the French CEO of the Year Awards 2023. On the future of Shifters, she comments, “We want to continue to expand into the various industrial sectors in France whilst growing the team. We have several very important features in mind that we’ll be developing too, but we’ll keep it a surprise!” Contact: Dr Déborah Aisenberg Company: Shifters Web Address: Aug23501