French CEO of the Year Awards 2023

4. Following 7 years of research and development in neurosciences, cognitive and clinical psychology, linguistics, philosophy, ergonomics, and computer sciences, Aeteos finally developed a robust cognitive computing software engine. Percipion™ is Aeteos’s answer to some of the most pressing issues that businesses have been facing in more recent years – it’s able to empower them through its vast set of capabilities, from understanding natural language and reasoning to taking action based on its discoveries. This new generation of AI is Aeteos’s magnum opus, not because it’s another AI solution to add to the market, but because it's something entirely unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. Having been coded from scratch, without the usage of any third party components Most Innovative Cognitive AI Software Development CEO 2023: Mark Pohlmann It’s no secret that, as we’ve stepped into the digital age, modernising traditional technologies to mesh with human intelligence business processes is far trickier than searching out a new means to accomplish the same tasks in a quicker manner. Enter Aeteos’s Percipion™, a new generation of AI that’s able to replicate how the brain works, and perform tasks that often require human intelligence. Below, we venture into how its CEO Mark Pohlmann developed Aeteos’s revolutionary Cognitive Computing solution, Percipion™, in order to benefit businesses across the globe. Aug23398 or software, Percipion™ represents exactly what AI should be. As opposed to acting as a means to replace people within the workplace, it instead has its sights set on relieving the burden of tasks that often take days upon days, often reducing this time span down to mere minutes. Percipion™ exists to act as an assistance tool, all whilst reflecting the genius of Aeteos’s team. Through the combined efforts of Mark, his wife Béatrice, and his children Werner, Hans, and Erwin, Aeteos finds itself in the perfect position to reinvent the world of cognitive computing. Boasting a trustworthiness that defies expectations, Percipion™ is a reliable and explainable software solution that has been developed based on VirtualBrains. In short, VirtualBrains is a categorised object structure analogue to the human long-term memory, in addition to holding knowledge that’s safe from alteration. As such, it’s an ethical structure that cannot be used to identify, or discriminate against, people, with its low IT resource usage footprint contributing towards its eco-friendly nature. After all, cognitive computing is a human-focused technology, and therefore recognises how to enhance a workplace, without causing detriment to the people behind it. Through Aeteos’s eyes, Percipion™ is a solution that doesn’t act as a substitute for human autonomy, and instead represents serving the needs of society and the common good. There are a multitude of people who aren’t too keen on the idea of computers and software making predictions, recommendations, or decisions, and so Percipion™ instead helps people to accelerate data examination, as opposed to doing it for them. Its structure is wholly built upon the foundations of making the lives of businesses far easier, be it through streamlining processes via its comprehensive data capabilities, or its ability to modernise approaches towards challenging use cases without taking over. In fact, Aeteos has already managed to identify 25 business use cases in which Percipion™ can help to modernise the processes used. As such, there’s clear potential behind it to further assist in various other fields. According to Mark, Percipion™ was created to provide something good to people, and it’s this notion that truly guides the company forward. It’s for this very reason that Percipion™ is notably able to fight against hate speech and online harassment, with its capabilities extending to using realtime data to identify online child groomers and criminals. Despite the long journey it took to get Percipion™ to the point that it's at today, its roadmap is strong, and its solutions invaluable.