German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 19 , Comma GmbH Best Modular Construction Company 2018 Oct18363 Comma GmbH is an innovative company that offers custom-made modular architecture for a very attractive price to provide town councils and private investors with residential property. We profile the firm to find out more about this unique range of solutions. airports and industrial companies. The firm’s solutions can be customised to meet the individual needs of its clients, for example sloping or straight roofs can be provided, and fixtures such as windows and doors can be added to the design dependent on the clients’ preference. Unique in the market, the firm is the only company in Germany with an exhibition area for modular architecture. Additionally, Comma is the only company in Germany that is able to build a hotel with 104 rooms out of individually built modules. As such, the firm has gained a reputation for excellence over the years since it first began, and today it offers its clients support and service that cannot be found elsewhere. Looking to the future, there is a huge need for affordable housing space in the cities and communities in Germany, and as such there are a lot of projects ahead for Comma. Housing for families, students, offices, schools, kindergartens and even asylum seekers; in the accommodation market the possibilities are endless, and Comma intends to take advantage of these opportunities to grow and flourish over the years to come. Since its inception 1977, Comma company has been dealing with container trade and its use for the construction of entire container plants and container special structures. Today, the firm creates turnkey residential container and office buildings of up to four storeys high for clients across Germany. Specifically, in the field of hall construction, the firm creates halls in steel construction for industry and trade, agriculture, boat storage and roofing for Contact Details Company: Comma GmbH Website: