German Business Awards 2018

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2018 German Business Awards 25 , Founded in 2000 by Michael Colell and Thomas Kampmann, Colell & Kampmann draws on their vast industry experience to provide a professional service at a level of quality that is unrivalled. Together the pair combine long-standing branding experience with holistic design expertise and sustainable brand know-how. International companies have been relying on the firm’s expertise and innovative solutions for over 18 years, and this vast industry experience has led the firm to work across a number of industries and markets, including aviation, yachting industry, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage brands. Today, the firm’s experience ranges from corporate design, branding, product design, architecture to strategic consulting. With this interdisciplinary approach Colell & Kampmann have been creating holistic brand experiences since inception, emphasizing the core of a brand or product and fully exploiting the potential. When undertaking a new project, the team at Colell & Kampmann work closely with their clients to develop solutions with creativity, honesty and expertise. The team’s creative solutions are based on well-founded strategies and concepts with a clear focus on one goal and the added value of our customers’ brand and company. Colell & Kampmann Design Gmbh Best Brand Identity Agency 2018 - Northern Germany Oct18428 Fuelled by passion and commitment, Colell &Kampmann is an interdisciplinary design agency supporting clients with everything fromproduct development to brand communication. Awinner in this year’s German Business Awards, we felt it was about time we profile the firm to learnmore about the techniques it has employed to win this prestigious accolade. Ultimately, Colell & Kampmann pride themselves in being structured, transparent and effective, and these values will remain central to the firm’s approach as it looks towards a bright future filled with exciting possibilities. Contact Details Company: Colell & Kampmann Design Gmbh Contact: Thomas Kampmann Website: