German Business Awards 2019

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards , REX-KARA Beauty Systems GmbH Most Innovative Cosmetics Brand 2019 Oct19426 Some say that beauty is only skin-deep, but maintaining that skin can take a great deal of care and attention. Fortunately, REX-KARA provides a service can take your skincare routine to the next level. We took a closer look at this cosmetics company to find out more. Working with doctors, researchers and the very best in the cosmetics industry, REX-KARA offers cust- omers something a little different from regular skin care. A heady combination of nature, science and technology has allowed the team at REX-KARA to create an effective care concept, different to any other skincare product on the market. The company’s vision is that of offering cosmetics in a way that understands the future of skin- care in a pro-aging society, achieving rejuvenation through natural processes and modes of action. With their award for innovation, it’s no surprise that REX-KARA is a company that targets skincare problems without compromise. It is achieved through natural ingredients as far as possible, with the Ion Cosmetics using natural plant extracts and exclusive complexes of active ingredients with proven effects being specially developed and ionized for the process. Sourcing appropriately natural ingredients for the cosmetic range is an integral part of the REX-KARA philosophy. Customers pay close attention to this aspect of products and REX-KARA not only know the market well, but the team believes that it is the first step to beautiful and healthy skin. This success comes down to several factors. Firstly, a trendsetting brand like REX-KARA works on trust and experience. Customers of skincare products need to see empirical evidence that their product delivers, and REX- KARA delivers beyond the superficial effects clearly and visibly revitalising past the potential of classic cosmetics. The team at REX-KARA firmly believe that apparative cosmetic treatments will be the next great step in the market in the next decade and that this will take the world by storm. While already distributed in over a thousand beauty salons, pharmacies and perfumeries, REX- KARA is already aiming further afield, wanting to conquer the EU, Chinese and Russian markets by 2030. This is a natural evolution of their ‘worldwide’ brand and shows how important the company believes daily skincare will become in the next few years. REX-KARA have created a product that customers love. Made from natural ingredients, offering something different and putting the care of skin in the spotlight, there’s a clear reason for REX-KARA’s success. Contact: Bettina Gufler Web Address: Telephone: 49 (0)7524 4093410 Currently, the youthfulness that you can reclaim is the most convincing result possible outside of micro-invasive or plastic surgery. The result of this success is that REX-KARA is considered a pioneer in the field of apparative cosmetics, specialising in procedures such as ultrasound, galvanic and light therapy. It stands for revolutionary deep therapy, using a highly concentrated series of active ingredients that can penetrate deeply into the body with the use of the SPI device. The SPI device is the piece de resistance of the REX-KARA range, offering a quantum leap in cosmetics. Immediately usable by anyone without training, the SPI device is able to offer a wow-effect. Easy to use and able to treat the whole body, it’s the main factor that sets REX-KARA out from the crowd. SPI-TECHNOLOGY, with its sonophoresis, photons and iontophoresis, allows users to receive a sensible and visible skin experience through a synchronised circuit in the comfort of their own home. With five pre-set programs, three individually adjustable intensity levels and 18 treatment options, the process of skincare has never been more straight-forward. Giving customers that all-round experience that usually only comes with professional beauty treatments, the REX-KARA range is an evident success.