German Business Awards 2019

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 German Business Awards , Barbas Storeandpark GmbH Leading Provider of Self-Storage Units 2019 Nov19073 Barbas Storeandpark GmbH offers clients self-storage via their storage containers of various sizes, ranging from 1 square meter to 14 square meters. With years of experience and countless awards recognizing their extraordinary service safely under their belt, we profiled the firmand caught up with one of Barbas Storeandpark’s founders, Peter Barbas who kindly took the time to provide us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of this successful business. Since their inception, Barbas Storeandpark has been on a mis- sion to provide convenient, secure and easily accessible storage rooms for private and business use. Today, the firm emphasizes 24/7 access for their customers and direct access means that they are able to park their vehicle directly in front of their storage container to load and unload. Not using any old shipping container, the firm use storage containers that have been designed and certified in Germany by their local certification body the TüV. Currently, with the help of their investors, Barbas Storeandpark operate two very successful prop-erties close to Frankfurt and already have another two confirmed to open early in 2020. In addition to this, the team are currently looking for another three to complete in 2020 as well. Going into further detail Peter begins by informing us more on the services the team at Barbas Storeandpark, showing the versatile nature the firm has to offer their clients. Alongside this, the firm is currently focussed in Hessen, which is central Germany in terms of both logistics and banking. For the team at Barbas Storeandpark, this is a very good market for the firm as it offers strong growth opportunities for clients. As a service provider to both smaller businesses and private individuals, the firm is seeing solid market growth, as the property market continues to expand, with small to medium-sized businesses profiting from this. In the future, Peter believes that we will see more storage firms entering the market, which he sees as a positive thing as it will provide customers with more choice the value provid- ers will then benefit from this. Looking ahead, the future at Barbas Store - andpark looks promising, not only with regards to the opportunities that are rising in the market, but also the firm’s plans to expand the business in the years to come. Bringing the interview to a close, Peter signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm as we head into 2020. “After successfully finding key investors and funding for our expansion our goal is to now roll out our business model and implement our expansion plans. We are in discussion with two key market players to see if there are co-operation opportunities and in constant contact with property owners looking to maximise their investments. Ultimately, our short term plans are the opening of our two new properties, thereafter we are aiming for another three to five properties next year.” Contact Details Contact: Peter Barbas / Kelly Barbas Company: Barbas Storeandpark GmbH Telephone: (+49) 06003 249 3898 Web Address: “At Barbas Storeandpark, another unique aspect of our business is that our rental period is calculated per day for accuracy. Another detail, is that the customer has the ability to do everything online in their customer portal, from viewing invoices, statements and receipts to making online payments for their storage room. We are one of the very few companies that offer this unique service to our customers.” New and existing customers are also able to book storage rooms online. Enabling the firm to deliver this level of service is the experienced, devoted and hard- working team, which forms the backbone of Barbas Storeandpark. When discussing the internal culture, Peter is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm. “We train our staff to understand and support our customers from initial telephone consultation to the meetings on-site to view the storage options, so we are able to offer each individual we work with a personalized service. Flexibility is also an important part of our business. We understand that the customers needs may vary from time to time and we try to accommodate the needs of our customers the best way we can. “Our team is dedicated to providing the customer with the best storage solution, not just driven by a corporate culture of filling our storage units as quickly as possible. Most of all, we reinforce our key term of flexibility in everything we do.” In today’s climate, Germany is a good market to invest in both property and businesses, which the team at Barbas Storeandpark are expecting to see an increase in interest from overseas, as well as more opportunities to expand and add value-added services.