German Business Awards 2020

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards , Most Innovative Electronics Software Solutions Provider - Europe Celus provides a sophisticated librarymanagement and automation of electronics engineering tasks. Head of Marketing, Nicole Lontzek, tells us more about the award-winning firmand how its location is of utmost important. Sep20885 Celus is opening up new possibilities for innovation and progress in the electronics engineering world with a goal of enabling engineers to build electronics in a fraction of the time and to develop life-changing ideas. “Here at Celus, we believe that work is for machines and creativity for humans,” explains Nicole Lontzek, Head of Marketing. “To put that simple phrase into perspective, it is important to understand how the electronics engineering market works. This industry is pretty well-established and has a long history. Nevertheless innovation has left this industry almost untouched over the last few years meaning there is huge potential when it comes to digitalization and automation in electronics engineering.” Celus has, therefore, developed a platform which automates a large amount of manual and repetitive work of the engineers. By automating these manual steps Celus can, in turn, create more room for creativity and more time for real innovation - an approach which is well-aligned with Celus’ core values as the firm believes in a creative and respectful environment, where everyone should have the opportunity to learn and develop. “First and foremost we care for our employees,” Nicole embellishes. “We walk the talk. Saying, that everything we require from our employees in terms of attitude, we practice ourselves. Being aware, that the Management Team has a leadership function and is seen as a role model, we try to communicate as openly and directly as possible to ensure transparency and clarity. “Besides that, we equip our staff with all the technical equipment they need to work properly.” This refreshing approach to an internal company culture is one of the reasons that Celus is the best choice for customers, but there are also other things that help differentiate the firm from competitors. “The market is fairly new in this segment and there are only a few brave companies out there, which play around in this field. What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we combine several manual engineering steps in an all-in-one software solution.” This holistic strategy ensures that Celus can save time and money for its clients, meaning they can focus on the real problem-solving tasks that require skill and concentration, rather than the less exciting world of optimization! Being located in Germany also brings a lot of advantages for Celus. The firm’s HQ is based in Bavaria, and the city of Munich in particular has one of the highest tech company densities across the whole of the country. Nicole continues: “Germany has a great reputation when it comes to detail orientation and excellence. This reputation comes for a reason as we are surrounded by highly qualified and ambitious people who, like us, want to change the world.” During the pandemic Nicole and the team at Celus clearly saw the need for change and also saw that, in Germany, there is still some resistance to change. In software development, for example, people are able to work remotely due to the cloud computing systems that are now in place and the necessary infrastructure for digital workplaces. However, looking at the hardware development side of things, it is a very different story. “We are definitely in a time of movement in the industry,” states Nicole. “Old patterns are about to be questioned and we need to make room for innovative and disrupting processes. “Too many processes still rely on old fashioned and outdated structures and lead to inefficiency and huge overhead. Especially in Germany we need to speed up again and become a leader in the area of manufacturing. Getting out of this follower role and having an open and honest discussion about the current set-up, as well as the willingness to change is the key driver for success.” Contact: Nicole Lontzek Company: Celus Web Address: