German Business Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards 23 , Best Injection Moulding Plastic Production Company - North Rhine-Westphalia Founded back in 1983, SK Industriemodell is what youmight call a relatively niche company. Yet, it provides manufacturers and industrial companies with a vital tool that may otherwise be taken for granted. Over the years, the firmhas been able to convince several industrial customers of its concept of fast implementation of injection-moulded prototypes and small- scale production. Today, the firm is awarded the title of Best InjectionMoulding Plastic Production Company inNorth Rhine-Westphalia as part of the German Business Awards 2020. Find out more about the firmas we take a closer look. Oct20126 Though the firm has a long history, SK Industriemodell has recently found itself writing a new chapter in its history books. In 2015, the firm was taken over by Sebastian Krell and it has since seen even greater levels of success than ever before. Over the years, as has been mentioned, SK Industriemodell has been able to convince several industrial customers of its concept of fast implementation of injection-moulded prototypes and small-scale production. Today, the firm has several injection moulding machines, as well as a tool shop for aluminium and steel tools equipped with CNC milling machines, die- sinking EDM machines, and a wire- cutting machine. The customer base that SK Industriemodell works with includes suppliers to the automotive industry, as well as companies from the fields of mechanical engineering, medical technology, biotechnology, furniture, and lighting technology. With decades of experience, SK Industriemodell can accompany as a development partner from the idea of a product, through to series production, and the aftermarket. What stands SK Industriemodell apart from the competition, however, is the fact that it boasts incredible know-how in the field of rapid prototyping. This enables the firm to produce even small quantities for first samples of a product from original material. Being able to see a prototype in physical form can be an invaluable tool when figuring out next steps in terms of development and marketing. SK Industriemodell offers its clients a tool concept for the number of parts that are needed also, and that can also prove to be incredibly useful during the design, manufacture, and development phases of product delivery. SK Industriemodell is reliable, which is crucial when it comes to delivering prototypes on schedule and on budget. Innovation is also important, and the innovation that is provided by the firm is generated through careful research that delivers results. From a manufacturing standpoint, SK Industriemodell also offers its clients a very short lead-time, which can be very helpful if trying to get a product to market in rapid time. In everything, the firm advises its customers on the things and decisions that would be best for them. Partnering with the clients themselves, SK Industriemodell searches for the best possible concept for the productions of their ideas, and that is inclusive of the quality and cost of that production. Everything is considered, and the firm ensures everything is delivered as promised. At this present moment, the COVID-19 pandemic is still playing a key part in life across Europe, but that has not deterred SK Industriemodell from delivering the best service for its customers. The firm is always looking into the production processes and technologies that can be offered to customers, especially low volume production that can be brought back to Germany at reasonable pricing. Another element to ensuring excellence lies within the firm’s internal culture. SK Industriemodell is a learning organisation, and all information about processes and settings is shared in a way that makes it accessible for everybody in the company. New team members are welcomed in and encouraged to take decisions on their own, and need to be able to adapt to all different industries and customers that the firm works for. Ultimately, the goal for SK Industriemodell is to be considered amongst the most innovative companies in Germany, Europe, and the wider world, for small series production. It can be considered an outstanding firm already, and continuing down this path of excellence will surely lead to the team at SK Industriemodell achieving that goal of becoming one of the most innovative companies for small series production. Until then, this accolade will surely pave the way for greater success than it has already achieved. Company: SK Industriemodell GmbH Contact: Sebastian Krell Website: