German Business Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards 25 , Best Superfoods Nutrition Brand 2020 Established in 2010, PureRaw, Knufmann GmbH is a Superfood nutrition brand offering high- quality and innovative plant-based products. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the German Business Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Kirstin Knufmann to find out more. Nov20335 As a pioneer in the field of high-quality nutrition, PureRaw inspires more and more customers in a highly innovative market segment and successfully serves the rapidly growing market of natural and health-conscious nutrition with Algae- based products. To begin, Kirstin provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical client base. “As a company driven by innovation, we constantly find ourselves working on new products to make a healthy diet with enjoyment suitable for everyday use, and products that are fun and optically designed in such a way that one likes to grab and become curious. “Unique products which are sustainable, lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten- free, fair, organic, innovative, and regionally processed ensure pure enthusiasm in all age groups. The development of shopping behaviour and demands, reinforced by recent events, is enabling this market to grow further. In cooperation with regional companies, producers, and R&D institutions, all our products offer the best quality from a single source. “When Kirstin Knufmann founded the PureRaw brand in 2010, this was due to a lack of good, transparent products made from pure raw materials. Do it better and go new ways that are fair for everyone and with the highest quality standards, is the philosophy of PureRaw.” Since inception, PureRaw have continuously pursued its vision of developing, offering, and passing on knowledge and ethically valuable, sustainable, natural, and high-quality products. Moreover, as Kirstin goes on to explain, by doing so the firm have managed to remain at the forefront of the industry. “PureRaw stands for natural nutrition that is fun and tastes good. The best raw materials, gentle processing and sustainability truly support wellbeing and enjoyment. Deliberately, we offer high-quality, fair, plant- based, and innovative products which are free from artificial additives, flavours, sugar, lactose, gluten, and other frills. “Through agile structures in the company, all points that our company covers contribute to a noticeable diversification and allow us to continue to expand our resilience in the future. Successful on a national and international level, we have established ourselves into an important driving force with a lighthouse character, which is underlined by national and international awards.” In 2016, more nutrition brands appeared on the market, bringing increased competition for the firm. Moreover, as Kirstin points out, this has forced the firm to analyse its business strategy and make the necessary changes. “With the increasing attractiveness of this market, more brands started to offer products well below market prices. Some of these overlapped with our product portfolio and this year in particular has been decisive with us tightening our strategy. Currently, we are also sharpening our product lines with innovative products and product developments to emphasise our expertise and transparency more.” The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented many challenges to businesses in 2020. However, despite the pandemic, the firm has been able to thrive by focusing on a number of skills, as Kirstin points explains further. “The effects of Corona have not left us without a trace. But active market observation, flexibility, quick and short decision-making channels, and open communication has certainly helped us during these uncertain times. Arguably our greatest competitive advantage is our authenticity and the trust of our customers.” Finally, Kirstin discusses the benefits of operating in Germany, before looking ahead to 2021 and beyond. “We distinguish ourselves through our skills and our know-how. Our products come from local and responsible cultivation. This makes us stand out positively and complement each other very well with our local and international partners. Over the years, we have developed very good cooperation with research and development institutions, as well as trusting cooperation on a political level.” “Moving forward, we will continue to sharpen our profile and competence, developing new products, driving R&D forward and, at the same time, we will set up a broader service portfolio. Remaining true to our philosophy will also be key in the long-term as this is the best strategy to succeed.” Company: PureRaw, Knufmann GmbH Contact: Kirstin Knufmann Web Address: Instagram: Youtube: