German Business Awards 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards 27 , Luxury Interior Designer of the Year 2020: Jan Becker Where can you find perfection? For some, it’s the impossible dream. For others, there’s the teamat BECKER Interior. Under the capable stewardship of Jan Becker, this family-run firm has fought for a place in the interior design space that is very different to the one it occupied over a hundred years ago. We take a closer look at Jan, and howher efforts have allowed her to reach such exciting levels of success. Sep20843 1902 saw the start of BECKER Interior. Based in the heart of Cologne, Germany, its reach and reputation has only grown more impressive over the years now. Now the team’s high-end interiors are sought around the world, with many heads of state and VIPs delighted to be on the client list. A classic interior is not just produced by pooling together exciting resources, but by creating a living experience. This is the approach that the Becker family have championed since the firm’s inception. Jan Becker is part of the fourth generation, and knows just how intrinsic this approach has been to her continued success. The expertise that BECKER Interior now boasts is the reason why they are able to realise their projects with dedication and love. They know precisely how much attention a residential project requires, and know how it must not only be somewhere that is thoroughly delightful to look at, but eminently practical to live in too. The core value that people turn to BECKER Interior for is that of the production of individual items. This covers a range of different fields, including wall decorations, carpets, wallpaper, bed linen, as well as production and upholstery of furniture and fixtures. The ability of the team to offer such a clearly bespoke solution is one of the aspects that truly sets BECKER Interior apart from the norm. Running a business with a century of heritage means that the importance of remaining up to date with the latest techniques and technology is not lost on Jan. The team have invested significantly over the last five years in digitalisation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this investment has paid off several times over. BECKER Interior has the right resources on hand to ensure clients get the service they expect, even in these unusual times. An example of this is that Jan and the team use virtual reality and zoom video conferences to visualise their thoughts instead of meeting in a physical space. The other aspect of business that has benefitted from investment has been the team itself. Staff members have regular training and visit trade fairs to ensure that they are the best they can possibly be, with all of the knowledge that they can have on hand for use in a variety of projects. The success of the firm means that people often turn to Jan for work, with many interesting people from a wealth of backgrounds providing the inspiration for the projects that the team is involved with. The future for this impressive team looks as impressive as its past. Jan Becker has done a wonderful thing by maintaining the exceptional reputation of this interior design stalwart. While normal retail outlets are declining, the specialists like BECKER Interior will always have the pick of the market. As people continue to get even richer, they will continue not to have the time they need to ensure their lives are organised in every way. It’s down to people like Jan to ensure their lives remain as bright as possible. Company: BECKER Interior Contact: Jan Becker Website: Email: [email protected]