German Business Awards 2020

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 German Business Awards , Established in 2006, tinetronics is an engineering office for media technology. Following their recent success in the German Business Awards 2020, we got in touchwith Christina Dresen to find out more about one of the most client-focusedmedia technology companies in the industry today. Oct20730 Situated in Surwold, Germany, tinetronics have been passionate about amazing its clients and their visitors with fresh ideas since the beginning. To start, Christina begins by providing us with a brief overview of the firm and offers more of an insight into some of its specialisms. “As an engineering office for media technology, we specialise in media technology planning and production of visitor information systems for permanent exhibitions, but also special and temporary exhibitions. So- called media stations, mostly for public museums throughout Germany, are planned and produced from the idea to the day-to-day exhibition beyond the opening. Due to the rapid technological development in the market, we look for innovative tasks and our goal is to improve them according to customer requirements.” To remain at the forefront of the industry, it’s important a suitable client approach is implemented into a firm’s practices. Moreover, as Christina goes on to explain, by working closely alongside its clients, tinetronics have been able to put any concerns the client may have to one side. “Here at tinetronics, we promise our customers they will have a good and profitable relationship with us. With deep trust in my employees, they can make professional decisions and take responsibility. As an engineering office, we have to struggle every day with situations where others are no longer willing, however we are committed to finding solutions. A calm and pleasant way of working lets the customer know that we can get a situation under control and we pride ourselves upon that.” Despite COVID-19, tinetronics have still been able to prosper from some of the opportunities which have come its way, as Christina points out. “The coronavirus pandemic is causing a general rethink. Where in recent years museums and exhibitions have really pounced on the subject of experience orientation and hands-on initiatives, the contact-free museum is now in the foreground due to the pandemic This trend is the complete opposite to what the exhibition organisers have recently followed, but helping museums present their content in a contact-free manner, has led to us developing new application possibilities.” Operating in Germany does have some drawbacks, one of which being regulations that can prevent quick action. However, the location brings far more positives than negatives, as Christina goes on to explain. “There is a continuous range of high-quality services that are produced in a long-lasting and sustainable manner. Naturally, we support this approach in projects throughout the Federal Republic of Germany via our engineering and professional way of working.” Finally, Christina comments on the future of tinetronics, sharing one or two plans the firm have in store for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. “The MegBes® system (media-assisted visitor guidance, pronounced MacBeth), which is currently in the development phase at tinetronics, was originally planned as a tool for visitor guides in exhibitions and should offer the possibility of including media installations in the tour and presenting interesting content of the stations. Not least because of the pandemic, the contactless operation of media installations has also become interesting for exhibition visitors. The visitor should have the opportunity to experience the digital media content of an exhibition without having to touch the technology. With remote control of the installations by the visitor acting as the ultimate goal, for this purpose, a platform-independent web app is being developed that interacts with a media installation in the exhibition. Huge importance is attached to the greatest possible compatibility with the end devices, as well as the smallest possible inhibition threshold for actual use by visitors.” Company: tinetronics - Ingenieurbüro für Medientechnik Contact: Dipl-Ing. Christina Dresen Web Address: Most Client-Focused Media Technology Installations Company 2020 Black Box - Museum Zentrum Kalter Krieg, Berlin