German Business Awards 2021

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 , Best Drug Therapy Electronic Support Solutions Provider 2021 A recent poll shows that 100%of hospitals and 95 %patients consider RpDoc®drug therapy support functions a highly relevant improvment in comparison to today’s routine care regarding quality, safety and coordination of drug therapy across the sectors of care. Public and politicians demand information technology to safeguard patients from preventable harm due to medication errors. Often software falls short of these expectations or is not fit for use in routine care. RpDoc Solutions® makes a difference and delivers: The company´s software is not designed to replicate faulty processes and uncontrolled risks digitally. RpDoc® software is based on proacitve risk assement of treatment processes and supports a safe and resilient best practice process. And the company´s software is field tested: Started as a tool to be used in hospitals it has been optimized over years in all sectors of care and efficiently supports healthcare professionals and patients. While electronic healtcare records (EHR) often require patients to invest enormous time to collect medical information for the otherwise empty EHR, RpDoc® software - with consent of the patients - extracts medical information in real-time from pharmacy claim data to inform physicians about current and past drug therapy, diagnosis and treatment so far. Clever algorithms convert big data to smart data and provide information on potential risks of patients´drug treatment. It is a disruptive innovation that increases efficacy, quality and safety of drug therapy at the same time. It does not need artificial intelligence, but it enables natural intelligence to work at its best. RpDoc® Solutions GmbH has been elected as one of Germany´s 10 most innovative IT companies by the German Federal Ministery of Economy. The company provides the technology for the three biggest ehealth projects in Germany funded by the Germany Government, which are implemented Oct21223 together with the second largest German sick fund. AdAM, eRIKA and TOP – the latter improving coordination and safety of drug treamtent across the sectors of care as well as for inpatients at high risk of adverse events, implement the blueprint of digitally supported healthcare in Germany of the future. [1]. Software in TOP devlivers necessary information on patients and information on drugs and drug treamtent as needed. Failures of communication, particularly those that result from inadequate “handoffs” between clinicians, remain among the most common factors contributing to the occurrence of adverse events [2]. In one study, cross- coverage of medical inpatients was associated with an increase by a factor of 5.2 in the risk of an adverse event [3]. Nearly half of serious medication errors have been found to result from the fact that clinicians have insufficient information about the patient and the drug. Elderly patients or patients with polypharmacy often cannot name the drugs that they take which increases the risk of inappropriate drug therapy and interruption of necessary therapy [4, 5]. An electronic healthcare record that can be accessed when needed and that includes diseases, medication, lab values and information on previous treatment can improve medication safety [6]. Implementation of IT supporting physicians has been the single most effective error-prevention strategy [7-9]. Shamliyan et al. found that the use of CPOE systems was associated with a 66% reduction in medication errors in adults , with a similar Medication Safety 2.0