German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 19 , only side effects that can occur during this treatment are in the form of slight fever and fatigue, similar to the symptoms of an infection, as part of the immune response of the body due to inflammatory messengers being released. Indeed, the LDG is a good-intentioned, expert firm with a passion for saving the lives of cancer sufferers. It is busy expanding around the globe, having reached Asia within the last five years, trying to help as many people as possible with its treatment. The LDG now has its sights on taking its treatment to South America and the Middle East in coming years. Overall, it’s easy to see what makes this firm the award winner it is, with its compassion, it dedication, and its ability to extend the lives of many. Company: LDG Laboratories Dr. Gansauge GmbH Contact: Prof. Dr. Frank Gansauge Email: [email protected] Website: