German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 23 , Oct21637 Best Independent Building Surveyor (North Rhine-Westphalia) Der ImmoDoc, a building surveyor and real estate expert operating within the German market, is a relatively young company with bold new ideas. Planning to aim for making itself the best employer in the industry, it is the property valuation expert with the legal expertise to back it up, planning to expand further into detached houses and apartment building projects as it moves forward towards a bright future. With a dedicated and diligent staff behind it and being led by exemplary CEOGordon Rädel, it is taking steps towards claiming the top spot in its sector one client at a time. As an independent building surveyor, Der ImmoDoc provides exemplary property valuation for a number of clients across a variety of different sectors and interests, from everyday private clients to businesspersons and whole industries, as well as the powerhouses of those industries. Fundamentally, Der ImmoDoc’s passion for its industry is kept as the beating heart of the company by owner Gordon Rädel, a property specialist professional whose valuation services have secured him as one of the front- runners of his industry in the German property market. Operating within the country itself, Der ImmoDoc has made itself a critical partner to many over the years. This has included working with municipal bodies and disaster relief over the company’s career, such as aiding with the reconstruction of the Bad-Neuanahr-Ahrweiler when it flooded in June of 2021. Despite being a relatively young business – having found its feet in July of 2020 – Der ImmoDoc has made a name for itself already with its empathic, sensitive, and understanding services, as well as the high level of understanding and in-depth knowledge of the industry that it displays at every turn. With every interaction showing its clients that they have been right to put their faith in it, it provides its adjudication for court during processes such as inheriting a property, divorces where a property is one of the assets in question, or managing the process of being able to loan out a property. Each of these solutions requires full compliance with local law and property regulations, all of which can be incredibly confusing without a guiding hand. Thus, this is where Der ImmoDoc can help. It steps in to ensure that its clients can achieve the goals of their case with full compliance in mind, surveying a property to ensure that everything is up to specification and able to accurately advise and guide its customers towards a beneficial resolution. This has allowed it to become a front runner in the German housing market, having valuated two properties from the Lebanese embassy and planning to do similar for the German embassy as soon as it gets the go-ahead to do so. Working with the care, punctuality, and accuracy that the German marketplace has become well known for, Der ImmoDoc is proud of the corporate ecosystem in which it operates, maintaining the highest of internal standards so that it can live up to this national pedigree. Uniquely, Der ImmoDoc makes itself a collaborator and ally to its clients, being an independent building surveyor and real estate agent, as well as a professional able to achieve credit by exclusive finance partners. It also has an ongoing contract with a construction expert, has been able to work remotely for its clients successfully, and extends its thanks to each one of its staff members for the hard work and dedication that is allowing it to continually grow and shape the future of the German housing market. Contact: Gordon Rädel Website: