German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 25 , during what is an understandably difficult time with banks and financial institutions struggling under the effects of COVID-19. Ultimately, the future continues to be bright for IEM despite the struggles that the last two years have brought. However, an ongoing focus on what the firm does well can play to its own strengths, as well as those of the customers whose hard- earned finances are on the line. Being labelled the most trusted financial services consultancy is no less than the firm deserves, and this accolade will surely pave the way for bigger and better things yet to come. Company: IEM Contact: Patrick Held Email: [email protected] Website: Nov21253 Best Personal Finance Solutions Provider 2021 Internationale Expertenmanufaktur GmbH, or IEM for short, is one of the most outstanding and trust financial services consultancies not only in Germany, but across the world. In light of its success within the German Business Awards 2021, we take a closer look at the firm’s services and what puts it on such a high pedestal for clients. Working in finance can often require a keen mind and a real ability to spot minute details, especially when a client’s hard-earned finance is on the line. IEM has spent many years perfecting and delivering its service for clients across the globe. It endeavours to look for the holistic approach in the services it provides to every client. Therefore, it offers concepts instead of isolated solutions, which often begins with the first step of offering a financial analyst for the client’s situation. Understanding where a client is financially is crucial to being able to offer the best possible financial services to them. After taking the first step of understanding the client’s financial standing at that moment in time, IEM seeks to make a personal weighting for the client, paying particularly close attention to their country of residence and currency diversification. Despite being based in Germany and working with many clients there, IEM also serves clients in almost 30 countries around the world. From a financial investment standpoint, IEM also works with the core investment approach of scarcity, and again the firm makes particular use of solutions that involve tangible assets whilst deliberately avoiding the traditional banking methods of the past and present. IEM actively and predominately uses non-compliant solutions that are not systematically relevant. Since the foundation of the company, it has maintained an awareness that more and more clients mistrust the increasing digitalisation in the financial sector. Understanding the financial market and its various trends is one thing, but what differentiates IEM from the other financial service consultancies in Germany, across Europe, and the wider world? What makes the firm the best possible option for its clients? Well, first of all, every one of the customers that work with IEM can make the most of a free initial consultation with the chief strategist at the firm. Throughout the duration of the consultation that clients receive, they can develop multiple financial plans and their financial life jacket in case things take a turn for the worse. In times of international pandemics, economic and financial crises, bank deaths, bankruptcies, and worldwide debt, financial life jackets are an absolute necessity. Clarification of the economic landscape and the various international relationships is also absolutely key, especially in order for IEM to deliver the best service possible for clients. When working with the client, there are multiple ways in which IEM can help. For instance, in the case of tangible assets, the customer acquires physical ownership and the firm organises access protection outside of the European Union, even with all-risk insurance. There can be a focus on the Principality of Liechtenstein, but the team at IEM also offers real estate solutions in the United States. The important thing across the board is that the firm eliminates the risks associated with the Euro currency that people often feel, as well as the risks of economic threat, wherever they may come from. IEM’s macroeconomic approach is completely different from the solutions offered up by those that work in the banking and insurance industries. With its online and offline events, IEM is in the right place to do a lot of educational work in the area of financial education. The more people understand economies and economics, the better their financial situations may well become. Looking ahead to the future, there is plenty on the horizon for what IEM will soon be able to offer its clients. There is constant work going on when it comes to coming up with new solutions for customers, and reinventing old solutions for new customers. Many projects are in the pipeline, and there will no doubt continue to be a focus on how best to help customers