German Business Awards 2021

30 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 , Oct21137 Best Bilingual Sales Training &Coaching Consultancy 2021 A sales training company that has made a name for itself with its sales, negotiation, and agile project management education, Biegner Training has been encouraging the professional development of the industry’s foremost professional minds since its beginnings. Nowadays, it serves a diverse and dynamic market with sophistication and efficacy, making outstanding use of a number of training tools – as well as developing bespoke and highly tailored programmes for each client – in order to shape the future of the corporate ecosystem in the macro scale. Biegner Training, an innovative and state of the art training company bolstering its clients’ abilities in communications and sales, has built its reputation off of enthusiasm, drive, and most importantly, success. Fundamentally, it asks the question ‘do you want to advance your career and personal development?’ of its clients; if the answer is yes, it has the solutions for them, allowing its pupils to gain an advanced understanding of how to improve their negotiation skills, communication abilities with peers and clients, and overall rhetoric. It aims to deliver this to clients within companies of all scales, across a wide variety of industries such as pharma, energy, finance, insurance, and manufacturing. By operating in a sector agnostic way since its inception, Biegner Training has thus gained the ability to ply its trade for all manner of different businesses, able to offer its professional training and consultancy in a way that will benefit all clients, no matter what the company or product they are trying to sell. Essentially, it has developed a comprehensive understanding of what makes the professional corporate ecosystem tick. Able to apply this with empathy and understanding to any industry or field, Biegner Training blends a myriad of different teaching techniques in order to develop its client’s sales abilities, from presenting digitally to presenting in the classroom, and allowing its customers to tailor their own curriculums to best fit them. Driven by values of courage, commitment, integrity, and customer satisfaction, it is able to create bespoke programmes that a customer will always come out of feeling better informed and armed with actionable new techniques. Furthermore, it was able to pivot to fully remote teaching sessions over lockdown so that clients didn’t miss out on a moment of its invaluable advice and training. It also took this time to enhance its online footprint, expanding its corporate presence through its website and social media, with global players responding with interest and inquiries when it posts something new, gaining an enhanced level of repute on the international stage. Thusly, it wishes to extend its thanks out to the clients and staff who have made this possible, keeping up the drive towards further innovation that has defined the German market in the modern epoch. With its professional sales and negotiation performance, and agile project management training, Biegner Training’s clients laud it for its innovation, practicality, and sustainability, operating with all the strength and precision that this entails. Making itself an expert in what it does and what it delivers, its blended learning tools and convincing and motivating teaching style have ensured that it remains at the front of its industry, enjoying growths in its customer base due to the word-of-mouth referrals by its past customers and current partners. Currently, it is continuing its work in digitisation, ‘living what [it] train[s]’ by working on constant further professional development as a guiding principle, expecting to be able to deliver more services as keynotes speakers as a direct result and strengthening its partnerships within its market segment. Company: Biegner Training Contact: Michael Biegner Website: