German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 35 , the company to bring in an abundance of success, with the most significant achievement of all being that of its reception at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf. A warming welcome and renowned appreciation received for its work has been from a broad spectrum of visitors – an overwhelming reward in itself. Going forward, Wanderer Fahrzeuge is planning some newer projects that will officially be announced within the new year. With the Best Luxury Camper Van Manufacturer award under its tyre, there is nothing short of success coming it's way for Wanderer Fahrzeuge. Company Name: WANDERER Fahrzeuge Sp. z o.o. Contact Name: Dagmara Hinc Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Oct21454 Camping in Style. Best Luxury Camper Van Manufacturer 2021 - Europe Established as a result of passion and extensive expertise, Wanderer Fahrzeuge focuses on customer expectations for luxurymobile home segments. Aiming to create amini-campervan experience that offers comforting high-end passenger cars, with the advantage of going wherever youwishwhilst maintaining an exclusive feeling. Recognised as the Best Luxury Camper VanManufacturer, Wanderer Fahrzeuge produces top-quality vehicle execution and functionality with a luxury feel. At Wanderer Fahrzeuge, the big picture focuses on the fine details of the development whilst ensuring that customers receive a fully comprehensive product that serves them wherever they go and in all ways required. Wanderer Fahrzeuge proudly produces thoroughly unique camper vans that are functional, ergonomic, and easy to use combined with a top-end sound, thermal insulation, and a luxury finish with natural materials. Thus, putting the company in the spotlight of market expectations. In order to make its product different from others within the market, Wanderer Fahrzeuge decided to amplify the uniqueness of the camper vans by incorporating a blank page design focus and a customised approach. Furthermore, with it's the camper vans being so small, it was crucial to make every cubic inch of potential space completely functional. Making absolutely no compromises when it comes to its work, Wanderer Fahrzeuge strongly believes that its tailored methods have been highly appreciated and beloved by its customers. As a result, Wanderer Fahrzeuge has made its products completely different from the others within the market, leading the industry one mini-van at a time. For Wanderer Fahrzeuge, its 'no compromise principal' has been set since the company's launch. Designing their products from scratch, everything at Wanderer Fahrzeuge is made to meet its customer's peak expectations made from the highest-grade materials combined with the best design and top-class structural quality. German products are well known for their durability and functionality, renowned globally for their build quality. Furthermore, Germany is positioned in the middle of Europe and stretched from sea to rocky mountains, which is considered a perfect landscape for a weekend trip in a luxury mobile home. Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has been severely affected in economic and medical stance with other impacts on lifestyle and social behaviours. Due to the shockwave of challenges that the pandemic has created, Wanderer Fahrzeuge has become more family-oriented, valuing personal time and appreciating moments spent with those close to them. In doing so, Wanderer Fahrzeuge pushed this newfound approach and recognition into caravanning. As a society, more people are eager to go away for a weekend, craving time in the quiet mountains rather than a crowded tourist resort. Because of this trend brought on by the pandemic, Wanderer Fahrzeuge believes that this will increase over the next few years, transferring into stronger development and segment within the market. Whilst the years have been full of challenges, hard work and determination from the Wanderer Fahrzeuge team have allowed