German Business Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 37 , reduced the CO2 footprint. Subsequent recycling processes and cycle chains must be considered from the start. Ultimately, WSM ARCHITEKTEN creates beautiful, modern structures that aren’t only good for the environment, but also for the wellbeing of whoever resides in them, with large windows and bright rooms being one of its signature features. It’s easy to see what makes the firm the award winner it is, with its strong focus on sustainability, dedication to clients and passion for designing quality buildings. The only way is up for WSM ARCHITEKTEN and we are truly rooting for it. Company: WSM ARCHITEKTEN Contact: Tobias Schmidt Email: [email protected] Website: Oct21133 Best Residential Architecture Practice 2021 - Bavaria WSMARCHITEKTEN is an architecture firmwhich looks for something special in every task, developing unique, creative solutions with passion andmeticulous attention to detail. Following the firm’s recent success in the German Business Awards 2021, we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients. WSM ARCHITEKTEN is passionate about its clients’ wishes and ideas, as well as the environment in which the structure is to be built. In light of these factors, its architects enter a joint creative process with the client and tradespeople, with interesting design solutions and cost- conscious alternatives offered to make dreams a reality. As a result, clients receive a quality, extraordinary piece of architecture that fits naturally within its surroundings and will bring joy for many years to come. The firm’s experienced architects see themselves as innovative designers and reliable service providers for clients, providing comprehensive services at the highest level. They advise and support each client, regardless of whether they want to implement their building through a general contractor or as an individual contractor. WSM ARCHITEKTEN has long-standing contacts with proven local craft businesses, including timber construction companies, all looking to make clients’ wishes come true. The architects will provide support to the client from the very first sketch right through to moving into the finished property. They will obtain permits from offices and authorities, coordinate the various specialist planners (e.g. soil surveyors or structural engineers), and they would be happy to advise the client on a general contractor or individual awarding. As a special service, WSM ARCHITEKTEN also offers a complete design view in 3D. The “raw data model” isn’t only created using the classic CAD model, but it is loaded into another 3D visualisation programme which simply provides phenomenal spatial impression from the first round of design. This enables the client to virtually walk through their building on a large flat screen in the architects’ office. Including terrain, striking trees and surrounding buildings, it will be a photo-realistic impression of how the finished building will look in the area, and the views there will be from each respective room. A top priority during the design process is sustainable construction: the lowest possible CO2 emissions, cycle-conscious, stable value, energy optimised, with its projects always being design-oriented, precisely tailored, and individual. Because of the advancing climate change as well as increasingly critical transgression of the planetary boundaries in many areas, it is crucial to show a special sense of responsibility with every new building to be constructed. Increasing temperatures, harsher heatwaves, and heavy rain events require sustainable solutions: fixed summer shading, passive cooling via heat pumps, and greenery and vegetation wherever possible. Only in this way is a building really valuable, innovative and ahead of its time. The largest CO2 emissions of a building occur before commissioning. An intelligent energy concept is not enough. Wood as building material, for example, massively Florian Wiesler, Tobias Schmidt