German Business Awards 2021

54 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Oct21503 Best Custom Packaging Solutions 2021 LABEL-PAC is a company providing exemplary labels, package inserts, folding boxes, and packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries. Operating out of Germany with all the prestige andmanufacturing pedigree that denotes, it lives up to the glowing reviews left by its customers with its variety, quality, and exemplary customer service. Dedicated tomaking the packaging choosing journey for a company as simple as possible, whether for foodstuffs, personal care products, or beverages, LABEL-PAC always puts the customer experience first. A company producing labels, package inserts, tags, and folding boxes, LABEL-PAC operates in the digital space in order to offer offset and flexographic printing. Fundamentally, in this manner, its clients come from all over the German corporate ecosystem, but mainly operate in the food, personal care, and beverages sectors, looking for cheap and easy ways to secure the best labeling and packaging for their products in order to bring the wow factor to its customers every time. The strength of LABEL-PAC, therefore, lies in its ability to produce small to medium sized packaging offerings as well as a large variety of styles and aesthetic options, creating labeling and packaging that can perfectly mirror the product, goals, and values of any of its clients. Essentially, this company has made itself a major player in the packaging and fulfilment field. Due to this role within the German business world, it takes the safety of its clients and its staff incredibly seriously, working hard to mitigate the risks that have come about due to the pandemic. For a major business like itself, this has meant diversifying itself somewhat; it has been serving pharmacies and health centres alongside its usual food and beverage clients in order to package and ship pandemic safety devices such as a coronavirus warning system. Therefore, over the course of the past 18 months, it has equipped over 4000 pharmacies in Germany with this system, one that comprises of a signal transmitter that communicates with an app installed in the pharmacies proper and records when a customer enters the store in order to keep a digital contact diary. This has proven invaluable to keeping track of the amount of contact and the persons those certain employees or customers have had contact with, allowing pharmacy operators to report incidences through the app and for all app users to receive a notification LABEL- PAC’s packaging and distribution of these solutions ensured that the systems reached the establishments of installation safely and securely, ensuring that they are not damaged in transit as best it can. Of course, all of these exemplary operations have also been made possible by the national economy in which LABEL-PAC finds itself. Germany, in short, is a heavy-hitter in terms of innovation and manufacturing prestige, an economic power in chemistry, mechanical engineering, automobiles, and more; LABEL-PAC has in this way been able to benefit from its inclusion in a diverse, dynamic, and highly profitable market that grants its companies with an innate prestige. In addition to its packaging options, a customer can also benefit from the complete service package, taking a product from fulfilment to personalization and shipping of all manner of products. With a huge, international, and streamlined network that operates with professional expertise running through every element of the operation, its has been able to stand out amongst its competitors, growing fast in the competitive printing market. Being both team-focused and diligent, LABEL-PAC has pushed through the tumult of the pandemic’s worst months, rallying its staff in order to weather raw material scarcities and border closures with sophistication. In the coming year, it looks forward to moving on from this, and towards the future, where it will be focusing on developing a strategy to make it a carbon neutral company. Company: LABEL-PAC Contact: Reiner Zimmermann Website: