German Business Awards 2021

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German Business Awards 2021 Best Printed Circuit Boards Business – Europe & Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 In a world of complex devices and ever-evolving technology, it is important to find the right supplier for your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) as this will make a huge difference to the overall function of your service or product. GS-Peters GmbH is amotivated business that does all it can to supply the best of the best, for reasonable prices, and all with its clients inmind. Nomatter the job, company, sector, or industry, this supplier has everything you need to stay in the running for success. GS-Peters GmbH (GS) is a customer-focused, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) supplier company that is taking Europe by storm. Currently changing the way we view ‘just in time’ (JIT) businesses, GS is showing the world how it should be done. Not only is it altering the narrative for JIT businesses, but it is also setting an incredible example for what businesses should be doing with relation to innovative and caring customer service. Sep21946 For some background knowledge, PCBs are flat, laminated structures which consist of conductive and insulating layers that allow them to hold electronic components that can then communicate with one another through electrical connections. Such PCBs are used for all kinds of devices. These devices can be anything from DVD players to computers, TVs, and a plethora of toys. For the best results of any product, the PCBs need to be up to date, innovative, and seamless. And for every business developing products that use PCBs, they need to be reliable, consistent, affordable, and accessible to all. PCBs need to function entirely effortlessly from both sides – whether you’re buying, using, or selling PCBs, they need to be operational and technologically sound so that your product can work, your consumers are happy, and your business can thrive. GS’s biggest achievement is its unparalleled customer service and top-quality knowledge towards the consumer. It is aware of everything that a client could want from the Not only does GS supply some of the best PCBs on the market, but it is also selling them reliably, affordably, and extremely quickly. It goes above and beyond to find the best quality products, to sell them for fair prices, and to expertly deliver in all ways possible.