German CEO Excellence Awards 2022

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German CEO Excellence Awards 2022 , Best Diagnostic Medicine CEO 2022: Nina Beikert Founded in 2011, Labor Berlin is a joint venture of Charité and Vivantes – Europe’s largest hospital laboratory and one of the three most innovative mid-size companies in Germany. Nina Beikert is the CEOwho leads Labor Berlin’s top-notch team to success and we take a look at how this happens. Labor Berlin is an interface between clinics, laboratories, science and industry, with the aim of ensuring early access to relevant innovations and cutting-edge diagnostic medicine for large hospitals and medical practices in Germany. It prides itself on a combination of utmost efficiency as well as highly specialised testing and innovation. Many of its medical doctors work as hospitalbased physicians, giving them an exceptional opportunity to provide excellent counselling on medical questions to clients. With values of innovation, excellence and integrity, Labor Berlin’s goal is to make innovative, best-in-class medical diagnostics broadly available, out of passion, for the benefit of patients. Therefore, it offers its services not only to its shareholders, but to a broad range of hospitals and medical practices. Nina Beikert said, “With more than 10 years of experience in performing medical diagnostics for some of the biggest hospitals in Germany, we believe that we have proven we are able to handle this responsibility.” Every customer has their own needs, individual processes and specific fields that Labor Berlin has to adapt to – and that it can learn from. It does not have a perfect “one size fits all” solution, neither does it have answers to all questions. Nina tells us, “I consider the sales process in our business as team work with our clients in order to elaborate the best solution and service tailored to each customer. With an open dialogue and providing maximum transparency regarding what we can and what we cannot offer, we have been very successful.” Nina Beikert’s professional career began in the diagnostic industry. She had the excellent opportunity to be part of a trainee programme with one of the market leaders for medical diagnostics, with a focus on leadership. The Jan22586 knowledge she gained during that time, the accompanying training on leadership and personal skills, the intense and helpful feedback from her mentor, as well as the network she was able to establish through different projects helped her a lot when starting her first leadership position as head of sales at Roche Diagnostics directly after completing the trainee programme. She told us about her experience: “I realised that my mentor had been completely right: salespersons are usually not keen on being led closely. In this sense, I thought about what I could offer them to help in order to be successful in their jobs – an open dialogue, feedback and sparring instead of “tightening the reins”. It turned out to be the right way. We were very successful as a team with a great team spirit.” After four years, Nina was offered the role of managing director at a young and inspiring company called Labor Berlin, and she is in a fantastic position to lead. She commented, “It was a big step for me – from leading a sales team to leading a complete company. A great team of 700 brilliant, caring and talented employees helped me a lot with this transition, as well as my enthusiasm for our service, an open mind, skills gained from past experience, open feedback from my team – and hard work.” Labor Berlin’s vision is to become the top innovator in the industry and to shape the diagnostic future, in order to improve patient care. It is building on a strong basis as its employees are dedicated to their work of helping patients. And, as in many cases, communication is key. A vision needs to be translated: what it specifically means for every team and how everyone can contribute, no matter which business unit they work in. Nina said, “As a team, we have developed and constantly review our strategy on how to reach our vision and set realistic goals. And what is important: we are celebrating achievements together.” To conclude, Nina enthuses, “I feel very privileged to have the best team that I could imagine and to work for the finest purpose that I could think of: the chance to make a difference in patient care together. I am looking forward to continuing the successful development of Labor Berlin towards being the top innovator in our industry and to shaping the diagnostic future.” She continued, “Besides that, I am looking forward to joining more advisory board positions in order to contribute with my experience in other industries. And I set my heart on passing on my experience to young leaders – and to learn from them as well.” Company: Labor Berlin – Charité Vivantes GmbH Contact: Nina Beikert Email: [email protected] Website: