German CEO Excellence Awards 2022

26 EU BUSINESS NEWS / German CEO Excellence Awards 2022 Jan22312 Developing cloud-based, user-intuitive, and bespoke technological solutions for its clients, DreamIT is a German company withworldwide notoriety. Overall, it has developed its own global network throughwhich it can improve remote working and remote operations for its clients, buildingmore development teams by hiring fresh talent and bold ideas, all made possible by the dedication to innovation championed by CEONorman Schöneich. Being an exemplary, comprehensive software services provider has given DreamIT pre-eminence in Germany as a partner to its clients’ businesses. Fundamentally, it handles the entire product life cycle for its clients, from feature requests to the flawless running of its apps in a cloudbased infrastructure, managing each of these things without scruples. In addition, its clients are mainly from the lottery sector. That being the case, they are predominantly after a very specific kind of service from DreamIT; specifically, they often come to it for its digital shop system that is accepted by the users and its administrative system that gives them insights into business information. Said information includes business transaction insights, control and customisation of the shop system, and the ability to be reactive to different changes. Certainly, CEO Norman Schöneich has ensured that one of DreamIT’s unique selling points is the worldwide, scalable nature of its solutions. Able to shorten the time it takes for certain products to reach the market in an internationally reliable sense, its ability to fit its products to any number of existing infrastructures has made it a universal favourite amongst lottery-running companies, with a technical, holistic, carefree package. Nominally, by putting their faith in DreamIT, a client can rest assured that their system is reliable and well maintained, funnelling their efforts instead into concentrating on strategic product requirements. This is an invaluable offering for DreamIT’s clients, companies that often find themselves juggling a myriad of different things all at once. Principally, Norman Schöneich has integrated the values and principles of ‘you build it, you run it’ into the heart of this company, forging its dedication to maintaining the highest levels of upkeep and scrutiny over its products, allowing a great deal of flexibility in terms of execution that results in a tailor-made final result. Additionally, this result fits itself perfectly to a world struggling with a pandemic, as it puts teamwork first in a way that can be done totally remotely, delivering endlessly impressive web architecture and living up to its pedigree as a front-running German company. In short, no matter the requirements or specifications needed, DreamIT will work hard to make them possible. As a direct result, it creates products that are comprehensive, dedicated, and dependable, the blurring of the line between remote and office work and offering exemplary intelligence solutions. Looking forward to expanding into different markets, supporting his team, and continually building on its cloud native languages in the new year, Norman Schöneich has implemented a federated approach that allows him and his company to think globally whilst still acting on a local level. With an expansion into the USA coming soon, as well as new digital shops, its upcoming focus is the development of new features through improved user interface, and it is excited to see where it can push these limits in the near future. Company: DreamIT Contact: Norman Schöneich Website: Most Innovative Software Development CEO (Northern Germany): Norman Schöneich DreamIT