German CEO Excellence Awards 2022

EU BUSINESS NEWS / German CEO Excellence Awards 2022 31 , methods of teaching training to support them in educating their students. Continuing education is a vital part of the digitalization sector as it changes so rapidly. The team’s approach will ensure that teachers are better prepared for the needs of tomorrow, and this will prepare the next generation in turn. The success of GetYourWings comes from the team’s ability to push the boundaries of what people know. Working closely with others means that they have been able to secure impressive results over the years. Digitalization is a part of the world that will lie at the heart of how we live and work in the future – it’s vital to be prepared and that’s precisely what GetYourWings does best. Company: GetYourWings gGmbH Name: Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg Email: [email protected] Web Address: www. Feb22417 The creators of the future will do things totally differently, usingmodern digitalization techniques to secure impressive results that could not even be dreamed of today. The teamat GetYourWings gGmbH, led by Anabel Ternés, are leading the way when it comes to teaching people how to thrive in this innovative space. In the German CEO Excellence Awards fromEU Business News, Anabel was able to secure an impressive achievement. We take a closer look to discover more. Founded in 2016, GetYourWings is an organization built to prepare people for the needs of tomorrow. Built as a learning space for future creators, Anabel Ternés and her team have been able to offer an exceptional education opportunity that pushes people to take advantage of the bold new digitalization space. For parents, teachers, organizations as well as youth and students, they are an invaluable resource that is not to be ignored. The team’s success comes from their incredible focus on strategy, fundraising and business development. Many companies have explored the potential of the digitalization space, but few have been able to offer a holistic approach which considers the various needs of every aspect of it. Instead of taking a narrow, and often academic view, the GetYourWings approach combine various other offerings for an overall perspective on this relatively new sector. By doing this, existing concepts can be effortlessly incorporated alongside various digital tools. Germany is an interesting space in which to operate in the education sector, with each of its 16 federal states providing unique approaches to education. For Anabel and her team, this offers both incredible opportunity and perpetual challenges. Comparability is suddenly much more difficult, but this has allowed the team to embrace a more bespoke approach which considers individual strengths more clearly. The pandemic has levelled many aspects of the system, proving there are many factors limiting the growth of digitalization, namely the internet is still missing at many schools and many school leaders simply don’t understand this burgeoning sector.Digital contact starts for children earlier and earlier, but they do not have child-friendly ways of using it. Finding ways of facing these challenges is certain to be at the heart of how Anabel and her team operate in the coming months and years. When it comes to leading the team through these evolving times, Anabel has prided herself on an approach which is modern, flat and female. Personal responsibility gives her team the opportunity to make the most of a situation and thrive where they can. Her way of working sees people recognize their own strengths and leading according to where these lie. As such, the team has been able to develop rapidly, offering services that have garnered a great deal of positive attention. Reaching more and more people is the key to success for GetYourWings. With a world that is ill-prepared for the challenges of the digital age, their bold way of working is key to securing something new for all. To do this, the team are developing online learning games to draw young people in and planning eLearning CEO of the Year 2022: Anabel Ternès