German CEO Excellence Awards 2023

24. Best Medical Supplies eTail CEO 2023: Chris Elliott Christopher Elliott dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur from a young age – and he’s now living that dream. As the founder and CEO of Hygiene 100 GmbH, in addition to two other companies, Chris Elliott Group and EMIRATES, he clinched the opportunity to help keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing what is fast becoming the biggest hygiene ecommerce shop in Germany, selling a wide range of cleaning agents, disinfectants, and care products to keep those pesky germs at bay. Now having achieved prestigious success within the German CEO Excellence Awards 2023, we got in touch with the man himself to learn more. Having established Chris Elliott Group in 2019, the idea was to offer people the opportunity to create something for themselves that allowed them to be creative and enjoy their work. Chris established the company selling steel doors, and soon moved on to launch Hygiene 100 GmbH in 2021. With this venture, he has continued to focus intensely on customer satisfaction and working hard behind the scenes to bring ecommerce business to the next level. No one could have guessed pre-2020 that we’d have to be wearing medical or FFP2 masks to go out shopping – but Hamburg-based Hygiene 100 recognised as early as March 2020, after the virus reached Germany, that people would no longer be able to avoid hygiene measures such as the wearing of medical masks for the mouth and nose. Christopher saw great potential there – precisely because it was a matter of human health. What began with a few masks and tests was in a very short space of time able to import large quantities of certified and tested masks, and able to generate fast sales. It brought in more than €7 million in revenue in just one year. Due to its high quality of products, reliable shipping, and customer satisfaction, the company gained an extensive nationwide and partly international customer base. Chris tells us, “It was June 2022 when Hygiene 100 hit the 4 Mio mark in sales and now has over 23,000 products online.” After mask recommendation and partly mask obligation was pronounced in Germany, sales boomed for the company, with it seeing large demand from pharmacies in addition to hospitals and nursing facilities, as well as offices with large need. Hygiene 100 was able to supply every single customer with great satisfaction. For further protection, mandatory testing was introduced in Germany, and people had to be tested ever second day or even every day in order to be able to carry out their work. Hygiene 100 was able to meet this challenge, too, with a comprehensive range of rapid tests (for laymen or for professional consumption). Not only does the company offer medical masks (OP and FFP2, available in colour) and rapid tests in large and small quantities via its website, but also to protect against infections it can provide nitrile gloves, protective suits, and fleece gowns. Prior to breaking into the world of business ownership, Chris spent years working for someone else – and it wasn’t for him. Also founder of Chris Elliott group, he has successfully founded digital businesses in three different countries and established himself as a global business leader. “Everything in life is possible,” says Chris. “You just need to act and move. What are you waiting for?” As a leader of his companies, he focuses on team spirit and encourages everyone to bring their own value and ideas to the table. He has created the kind of environment that he had yearned for while working for other people. He believes that every employee should have the freedom they need to breathe and get the job done. With every one of his team members being so hardworking, he also ensures they are well-paid, saying they are deserving of a fair share. Looking ahead, Chris is always striving for more and anticipating the future, with him saying, “What else can we optimise? What is missing? How can we support the customers even more?” At present, this involves launching a Hygiene 100 store on Amazon, on which it will soon be selling hundreds of products. Chris states, “With a team, it’s possible; you just need the right people.” The company will also be looking to hire new staff and double its turnover in 2023 as it strives to become the biggest ecommerce shop in Germany and keep its services on top. Chris’ ambitions go beyond Hygiene 100, too, with him saying, “I am building a group of companies and want to grow my brand even more.” Company: Hygiene 100 GmbH Contact: Christopher Elliott Email: [email protected] Website: Jan23063