International Life Sciences Awards 2021

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 11 , A company whose efforts are ensuring the life sciences industry in the USA is quickly going fromone strength to another, Azzur Group is enabling the rapidmovement of scientific discovery from concept tomanufacture, and frommanufacture to delivery. With therapies, treatments, and other advances being produced andmade on a daily basis, its clients can expect to benefit fromall the success and eventual expansion that such an expert helping hand can give. Azzur Group supports scientific innovations from discovery to delivery across the board, providing full life-cycle solutions that suit all manner of GxP needs. This involves everything from Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand™ facilities, to lab provisions, training centres, and consulting offices that are available across the USA from Boston to Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Princeton, and more. Fundamentally, its work promises to help clients to start, scale, and sustain their growing enterprises, with nearly four decades of services dedicated to life science and the professional companies found therein, having worked with the world’s leading companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and healthcare supply. Furthermore, it takes great pride in the pillars that form its core foundation. These are all empowered by the core mission of leading and empowering the healthcare and life sciences sector with continual ingenuity, great quality, and compliant Jul21186 solutions that take a client from the first idea all the way through to movement of the product. It is the Azzur Group way to put others first at all times, allowing it to remain steadfastly client- focused in its efforts, with the courage to act when it sees something that needs addressing no matter what it may be, and the personal responsibility to abide by compliance and regulatory law with strict oversight. Additionally, Azzur Group finds it important to ensure it creates a fun and forward-thinking working environment. In essence, Azzur Group remains competitive with each of these core competencies, and also by way of its proactive nature; for example, its Cleanrooms on Demand were developed directly in response to client need, allowing them to benefit from fast-paced and entrepreneurial solutions that can keep up with the speed of the industry. Life sciences is an intensely competitive sector, after all, and it is the willingness to keep a finger on the pulse of these dynamics that has added another facet to Azzur Group’s excellence. In 2015 and 2016, it saw an increase in its repeat clients in Cambridge, Massachusetts in order to allow for the development of cleanrooms where they would normally not be suitable, as Azzur Group had found a way to implement them safely in all manner of never-before-possible locales. Moreover, its efforts allow it to take on the burden of continually keeping abreast of changing demands and legislative paradigms whilst the client focuses on their business. By taking this added pressure off of its customers, Azzur Group makes itself an invaluable business partner to their work, and with the lessons learned from the Covid-19 Pandemic, Azzur Group continues to expand, providing solutions to early-phase clients who undoubtedly will continue to require accelerated speed to market. Infrastructure and expertise in its cleanrooms are provided as a crucial part of the service, and its multidisciplinary and comprehensive team is always up to the task. Importantly, Best Early-Phase Biotech Manufacturing Solutions Provider 2021 no matter the request or requirement, Azzur Group will always do its best to go above and beyond to make such things possible, with the myriad of specialisms found within its team being an important part of what allows this, each of whom have been a vital element in making 2021 the landmark year it has been for the Group. With further expansion on the cards, the receipt of significant venture capital, and leveraging further opportunities, the USA will be seeing far more of Azzur Group in the coming years. Company: Azzur Group Contact: David Frank Website: