International Life Sciences Awards 2021

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 15 , The world of life science is at the cutting edge of the health industry, and no firm shows this better than that of Phoenix-RWR. Using the latest developments in deeptech technology, the teamhave produced elegant solutions to support evidence generating studies. Their success has seen themachieve a remarkable victory in GHP’s International Life Sciences Awards 2021, so we thought it time to explore their business a little more deeply. The origins of Phoenix actually stem from founder and Managing Director Stuart McCully’s previous company, CHCUK. The aim of this firm was to provide regulatory compliance solutions for Non-Interventional Studies (NIS) and Real World Evidence (RWE) studies. Sold to a top 5 CRO in 2016, he took all that he had learned from this business and put it into Phoenix, embracing the technology of today to create the solutions of tomorrow. Phoenix has been designed from the start to carry on the good work of CHCUK, offering a way of producing healthcare research that is easier than ever before. The world of real world research has always lagged behind in the clinical research world, with occasional small studies undertaken once a drug or vaccine had been approved. Since 2016, there has been incredible demand for these studies, both from a safety monitoring perspective and an ability to provide context on the efficacy of treatments on patients. This growth has only been bolstered by the COVID-19 pandemic, with more government regulators asking for high quality data gained through observational studies. These studies are precisely what the team at Phoenix supports. The use of deeptech allows the team to provide simple and elegant Jul21097 tools to support the conduct of, and provide confidence in, real world evidence generating studies. Alongside this, the team also keep up with how developments in real world research can impact how studies are run or address regulator expectations. The Phoenix team have called this proprietary tool “HawkEye”, as it offers real-time updates and insights. Currently, the firm faces one major competitor in the field, the aforementioned CHCUK. As a company originally owned by Mr. McCully, it is almost as though he is in competition with himself! The modern outlook championed by the team means that they are always looking for the next way forward. The firm has therefore developed as a virtual company, but this has in no way decreased the high level of team culture that has developed. Those who work at Phoenix are always looking to learn more, as well as sharing an incredible sense of humour. When combined with the relative freedom of working virtual, the results are truly incredible. This placed the team in good stead when faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses were forced to adapt quickly to lockdowns, Phoenix was able to continue as it always had done. All their team members need is a computer and the internet. The future for Phoenix is incredibly bright, with the team starting to build their own products. Within he next few months, the firm will be releasing its first premium subscription service, a monthly report summarising the global changes in the real world research regulations. This includes cool impact icons and expert context summaries. After that, the team are planning to release their real world research regulations tool, which will have the capacity to inform their clients on all they need to know about how to run various types of non- interventional studies in over 50 countries. Industry Disruptor of the Year 2021 From the eyes of experts, Phoenix is not just a company from the flames, but a raging inferno of ideas that could transform the industry of life science. The team’s remarkable achievements are something to be celebrated, and we look forward to seeing how they continue to grow their position in the field over the coming weeks and months. Company: Phoenix-RWR Name: Stuart McCully Email: [email protected] Web: