International Life Sciences Awards 2021

GHP / International Life Sciences Awards 2021 5 Biotech Investments Expert of the Year (Switzerland): Sven Rohman Food and Drug Administration regulatory policies. With an inventory of experience in Mergers and Acquisitions and partnering makes him one of the best innovation managers. Sven’s pre-clinical and clinical development, alongside marketing, business and corporate development accelerated his success in the industry, and he will only continue to build momentum as he gains more experience. After building such an impressive portfolio of experience, it is of no surprise that Sven has won Biotech Investments Expert of the Year in Switzerland. By spending such a long time in the industry, it is a great achievement to win such a prestigious and well-respected award. As life science is such a niche, impressive and rapid-moving sector in the health industry, it is of utmost importance that the finest, cutting-edge techniques and technology is used for each endeavour. Working with other progressive life science companies, that all work within the field of immunology, oncology, auto-immune diseases, and vaccines, Sven served as interim CEO of Helix Pharmaceutical Corp., Oasmia Pharmaceutical, and Immunicum. In addition to this, Suenos supports the Stockholm-centred oncology company NEOGAP. Sven advises medicine company Oryx Alpha GmbH, with its assets from the German Cancer Center and the Center for Molecular Medicine in Sweden. The team of Suenos are people with original attributes and high intelligence, they look at companies and assets from varied angles and are diverse in nature. This makes for a competitive notion throughout the industry as everyone is trying to become the best version of themselves for the future of humankind. The location of Suenos, with its headquarters in Liechtenstein in the heart of Europe, every innovation hub is only a short journey away. All of its partners, such as in the USA and Asia can also access technology hotspots throughout their regions. With COVID-19, the more research that is done in this field, the faster we will eradicate the pandemic alongside other auto- immune diseases and conditions. As Suenos is hopeful that the global pandemic will be history in no time, it is looking to develop more vaccines, biologic drugs, and rapid diagnostic solutions so that conditions can be severely reduced and controlled. These answers are needed more than ever with the pandemic happening. The future means looking for innovative and intelligent ways to tackle pain and conditions for each patients’ lives to be made easier and with good health, for longer. Sven and Suenos would like to thank its past and future clients. He knows that there are great times to come. Contact: Dr. Sven Rohmann Company: Suenos Advisors Est.