2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards 17 , Node Best Residential Apartment & Co-Living Company 2019 Jan19432 Offering a pioneering approach to property, Node is Ireland’s first curated co-living apartment community. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards we profile the company and explore its unique solution. fridge and mid-century furniture for residents to live in quality surroundings. Utilities are be bundled and super high speed wi-fi is included and ready on move in. The combination of tech-enabled, globally connected, fully furnished residences with a community focus brings a whole new way of urban living. Featuring a communal lounge and stunning rooftop terrace, with a design inspired by a traditional Irish pub or library, these residences are the perfect place for residents to work from home or socialise together. This is a residence that goes above and beyond expectations for a rental apartment, where you can move in with just a suitcase, avoid administrative hassles, furniture worries and instantly become part of a vibrant community. Unique to the property market, Node is a response to the trend in global urbanization and specific demand requirements from a new generation of globally and upwardly mobile renters. They are looking for more than just a smart apartment – they want a ‘plug and play’ lifestyle solution – a unique interior- designed ‘Instagrammable’ apartment, a compatible room- mate match if needed, a vibrant and diverse community, and live in a central and hip urban neighbourhood – all at a cost- effective price and at the push of a button. Also, they want to have a place to stay and an instant community in other cities – should they decide to move there for a job opportunity or work project. This is definitely a trend that is specific to Ireland and Dublin, where the rise of the tech com- munity and a tech savvy global workforce is creating a massive need for alternative types of housing to attract and retain the “smartest and brightest” people to Ireland from around the world. As such, the firm’s expansion into Ireland is timely and marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for Node. Overall, Node has a bright future ahead of it, with the firm seeing huge potential to scale to be the world’s first truly global co-living investor and operator. To achieve this and drive even greater success for itself and its community, over the coming years Node will continue to expand in Ireland, particularly in Dublin where there is an acute housing shortage and a need to accommodate millennial workers on a constrained budget. Node creates urban rental apartment communities in creative capital cities around the world. The firm’s residences are currently in cities throughout North America and Europe with further expansion planned globally. As a company Node is fully integrated as an investor, developer and operator. Co-living is a concept of apartment community living where residents live in their own apartments, but community life is shared through communal areas and connecting with one another. At its core, Node’s global co-liv- ing concept is designed to bring a diverse group of creative, locally and globally-minded people together. The name Node means “a point of a connection” , which was the firm’s way to bring people and places together in a local and global rental community. The Node residences typically will consist of one, two and three-bedroom interior designed apartments with smart home devices, and a retro-style SMEG Contact Details Company: Node | Name: Anil Khera Address: 43 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 5AP Telephone Number: +44 207 390 0200 x301 Web Address: www.node-living.com “Node creates urban rental apartment communities in creative capital cities all around the world. At Node’s core, it’s global co-living concept is designed to bring a diverse group of creative, locally and globally-minded people and places together.”

http://pinergy.ie/ http://www.3dental.ie/ http://www.lakesidemanor.ie/ http://www.node-living.com/ http://www.virginia.ie/ https://pinehillstudios.ie/