2019 Irish Enterprise Awards

EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2019 Irish Enterprise Awards 21 g Salamanca Tapas Bar & Restaurant Contact Details Company: Salamanca Tapas Bar & Restaurant Name: Caroline Boyle | Address: 1 St Andrew St, Dublin 2. Telephone Number: 01 6774799 Web Address: www.salamanca.ie where you can imagine you are on holidays on a rainy day in Dublin.” Operating in such a fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, Salamanca has to adapt to the changes it sees and work to overcome the challenges it faces. Caroline talks us through these in detail and outlines how the industry is evolving and how her firm is adapting to ensure it remains competitive. “Within the Irish hospitality market, more and more restau- rants are opening in Dublin City centre making competition fierce. This includes a whole range of cuisines and diners are left with more choice than ever before. It means basically that we must keep our standards as high as possible and not give the diner a reason to not come back to our restaurant. Quality, service and consistency are key. The number of eateries opening up at a fast pace is not just in Dublin but also Cork, Dublin, Belfast and major towns. Irish people are now well travelled and want more choice. The demand is there, however there are challenges to be faced. “The biggest key development in Ireland at present, which is also a key challenge, is the increase in VAT rate in Hospitality from 9% to 13.5%. There is a worry that it will slow down trade and was in my opinion not a fair move at all by our government, given the huge employment the sector provides. At Salamanca we will continue to focus on quality and excellence to ensure that we remain successful and are able to overcome this chal- lenge in the future.” Overall, the future looks bright for Salamanca, with the eatery set to continue to draw on Caroline and Aleksander’s in- dustry experience to offer guests the exceptional dishes that they have come to expect.

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