Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Premier Department Store of the Year 2020 - Leinster Family run first and foremost, it’s no wonder that the teamat McEvoys have managed to achieve such high acclaim. With the third generation of McEvoys now running the store, they are appropriately recognised in this special edition of EU Business News dedicated to Irish excellence. With a commitment to excellence, we take a closer look at this firmand how its long history has survived into the present day. Jan20382 Based in Dundalk, McEvoys has been a mainstay of the community for over thirty years. Since its inception, it has been able to handle almost any request that a customer has thrown at it. Managing this while also ensuring exceptional value for money and a pleasant experience is what has kept people coming back to the business for so many years. As a department store, the services on offer from McEvoys are numerous. Very few places cover the breadth of products that this impressive shop does, ranging from haberdashery to newspapers, from everyday items to seasonal extravagances, from giftware to schoolwear and everything in- between. Knowing that they can be sure of all that is needed in one shop, at the highest quality and the best price, is what allows customers the confidence to trust in this business. The connection is with customers is one that has been carefully cultivated. It is one of the many aspects that ensures that McEvoys is able to keep its competitive edge. While value for money is important, the team are well aware that strong customer loyalty is not only difficult to earn, but much more rewarding in the long run. One of the ways in which McEvoys has built in trust is through its deposit system. Customers are able to spread the cost of their shopping, paying weekly for what they buy. It’s a technique that works for the loyal audience that McEvoys is aiming at. While it could easily be seen as an old-fashioned company, McEvoys has quickly seen the benefits that social media can bring. It plays an incredibly important role in the advertising of the store in the past few years. An attractive shopfront also makes a difference when walking along the busy high street, and the team at McEvoys have previously won awards for their work in this field. When customers step inside, they are met by an interior that only encourages a pleasurable shopping experience. The impact of Brexit has yet to be fully felt in this small town, but its place near the border has seen it bearing witness to the potential changes in the wind. It has had many years of being to appreciate the best of both worlds, in this respect. Over the Christmas period, many customers would come from Northern Ireland to find what they desired for the holiday. The future seems much less certain for all concerned. Looking forward, the team are looking forward to exploring new avenues and ventures. Naturally, the team remain keen to progress, establishing itself even further as a household name, and it looks set to achieve for a considerable while yet. The supportive attitude that Dundalk town has cultivated is a credit not only to the company who has earned this support, but to the people who live, work and buy from them. It’s because of an exceptional staff and incredible customers that the business has not only been able to keep going, but grow at an impressive rate. The success that the team at McEvoys have been able to cultivate starts with the customer. Finding the best way to serve them has brought people from all over to experience that this store has to offer. Now run by its third generation of McEvoy, it would be of little surprise to see that this firm has a part to play for many more still to come. Company: McEvoys Contact: Jennifer McEvoy