Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

4 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards Excellence Award in Dental Care 2020 - County Cavan Taking care of one’s teeth is amongst some of the most important aspects of our health, though it might not initially seem that way. Many of us value our smile, and love to laugh amongst friends. However, a key part of that is having a smile that you can be proud of. At Virginia Dental Surgery in Ireland’s County Cavan, that is exactly what the team strive to give each client. To find out more about why the surgery was recognised in this years’ Irish Enterprise Awards, we took a closer look. Jan20252 Oral healthcare is an important part of any healthcare routine, ensuring that both teeth and gums are properly looked after to prevent against any infection or diseases of the mouth. A vital partner in the fight against poor oral hygiene is Virginia Dental Surgery, based in the small village of Virginia, in County Cavan. A family-friendly dental surgery, the business is run by dentist Dr Helen Matthews and hygienist Michelle McNicholl. Together, Helen and Michelle oversee a number of dentists in the clinic who excel in all aspects of dentistry, as well as a strong team of specialists who attend the practice as a satellite clinic. Working collaboratively, the dentists, hygienists, and specialists all come together in striving to deliver the highest levels of patient care to the residents of Virginia, and the surrounding rural communities. As the only dental practice in the large rural town of Virginia, the positioning of Virginia Dental Surgery could hardly be more perfect. County Cavan is at an ideal commuting distance from the capital city of Dublin, and has a large catchment area surrounding it with a lot of rural schools and workplaces. Those in need of family dental care, or individual dental care, need not worry about having to journey into the centre of Dublin for top quality care. As an alternative, those seeking the best dental care can enjoy the work of Helen and Michelle without having to leave the friendly, rural, and community-focused area of Virginia and the wider County Cavan. The entire team at Virginia Dental Surgery excel at far more than simply dentistry; each practitioner is equipped with specialists knowledge in specific areas in order to help any client who walks through the door. Patients can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of orthodontists, periodontists, and implant specialists, who work with the facility to treat all main and major dental issues within the community. Within dentistry, as with any industry, there are trends and patterns that the team have had to keep up with. For instance, there is now a far greater interest in aesthetic dentistry, especially orthodontics. People of all ages are now wanting to get orthodontic treatment done, such as Invisalign and teeth whitening. Being such a community-oriented dental surgery, the core belief of the team at Virginia Dental Surgery is that a positive attitude is key in the smooth running of the practice, as well as being imperative for great staff morale. Every staff member embodies this in the internal culture, delivering high quality patient care with a smile that even the harshest dentist would be proud of. The team are constantly upskilling and attending courses together to ensure that they are collectively remaining up to date with current trends in dentistry, products, and software. , Dental care has been reintroduced as part of the PRSI and medical card schemes in Ireland, in a bid to make it even more accessible and affordable for the people who require it the most. A shining example of exactly why this move is a great thing, Virginia Dental Surgery has continually served, and will continue to serve the communities of County Cavan with nothing but the highest levels of patient care for years to come. Company: Virginia Dental Surgery Contact: Michelle McNicholl Website: