Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Laser Skin Clinic - County Dublin & Most Unique Laser Beauty Treatments 2020 The importance of skincare has become ever more apparent in recent years, withmany different solutions and ideas, lotions and potions suggested to keep people looking and feeling young and healthy. Needless to say, the teamat Skin Smart Clinic have worked tirelessly to curate the ultimate treatment experience for each of their clients. Double-award-winners in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards, we dig a little deeper to get under the skin of this incredible business. Jan20263 Skincare is such an important topic, and for a long time has been an issue that has been ignored by the general public. Finding a way forward that puts the needs of the client first, addressing their individual needs is paramount and has proven to be the way forward for Dublin-based Skin Smart Clinic. Using the latest and most effective technologies possible, the team are able to support people who are not altogether comfortable in their own skin to finally connect with this important aspect of themselves. The main aim, as already stated, is getting the best possible results for the client. This means that an incredible amount of attention goes towards the client and ensuring that they are always comfortable with the procedures that are being undertaken. A thorough consultation takes place early on, with a treatment plan designed to suit the needs of the client painstakingly designed to achieve the best results. Of course, this personal approach is backed by the relaxed, yet clinical environment that the Skin Smart Clinic team operate within, with the use of proven technology and medical grade treatments ensuring that nothing is left to chance. The treatments are based on laser surgery, with the company’s Gentle Max Pro, Candela Medical, laser serving as the tool of choice for these Aestheticians. This dual wavelength laser platform is both the fastest and most powerful laser for high performance treatment capabilities, able to offer clients speed, efficacy, outstanding performance, safety and complete satisfaction. Thanks to this incredible piece of technology, placed in the hands of skilled professionals, clients at the Skin Smart Clinic are able to receive a wide range of treatments for various skin related ailments.