Irish Enterprise Awards 2020

8 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2020 Irish Enterprise Awards , Best Automotive Instrument Repair Specialists 2020 As much as vehicles have improved, and continue to improve the daily lives of people all over the world, they are also prone to breaking down every now and again. Whilst many of us long for the days when cars don’t break down, it does nothing to address the needs of the present. Fortunately, Irish firmLogic Automotive is on hand to help ensure that everything gets up and running smoothly once more, and people can get back on the road. Join us, as we take a peek under the hood of this well-oiledmachine following its award-winning success in this year’s Irish Enterprise Awards. Jan20240 When out on the road, there are few more annoying things than breaking down. Whilst engine failures and brake pads are amongst the more important aspects to a vehicle, the instruments on the dashboard can play an equally vital role in helping to communicate driver and vehicle information on various aspects of a journey. Keeping those instruments working is a big part of vehicle maintenance, and one which Logic Automotive prides itself on being able to deliver to the highest possible standard. The firm provides cost-effective automotive instrument repair services to the motor trade industry, and to individual clients. Logic Automotive offers a 24-hour turnaround on many repair services it undertakes. For more than thirty years, the technicians working as part of Logic Automotive have also been at the forefront of developing new repair and rebuild techniques for the wide and ever-expanding variety of automotive instruments and controls found in vehicles today. At its state-of-the-art workshop, the firm uses the latest technology test equipment to identify the fault and complete any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently. Automotive instruments and control units alike can be shipped or dropped to the firm’s offices, and the team will also work on the vehicle for clients who cannot do the removal and refit themselves. Logic Automotive deliver cost- effective repair solutions as an alternative to purchasing a new or replacement instrument cluster. Every single instrument repair is guaranteed, and the team of technicians retain all of the original vehicle specifications and coding to ensure that the repaired instrument operates to factory specifications. The team at Logic Automotive can also supply custom-made speedometer dials for any kind of unique project. Carefully, each dial conversion is carried out at the workshop, to manufacturer standards, to scale, and properly calibrated. As well as any fitting, the firm provides a vehicle diagnostic service, to check a vehicle using the latest on board diagnostic equipment and provide clients with a printout showing all fault codes and can explain what work must be done in order to rectify a problem, and the appropriate steps moving forward. There are a plethora of instruments and controls at work in vehicles today, and each one serves a unique, and often vital, purpose to the proper functioning of the vehicle. Digital dashboards, speedometers, rev counters, fuel gauges, hour meters, warning lamps, on-board computers, clocks, ABS units, multifunction displays, and so much else is now a key part of most modern vehicles. Keeping them working is crucial to understanding the intricacies and functionality of a vehicle. For instance, if the fuel gauge isn’t working, there can be no telling when a vehicle might run out of fuel and simply stop. Logic Automotive solves this problem, by staying on top of common issues and building case files to assist and identify known problems quickly to ensure instrument related faults can be rectified and guaranteed. It is far more than simply cars that Logic Automotive service. Most modern motor vehicles now house the aforementioned instruments and control units, and many more on top of those listed. Rather than narrow its field and risk leaving some vehicles without properly working instruments. Being stranded in a car that has no fuel is bad, but it is equally dangerous for commercial, plant, marine, and agricultural vehicles, or any other for that matter. Therefore, Logic Automotive ensures that its technicians are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to repair or rebuild the appropriate instruments and control units for any type of vehicle, road or otherwise. Another key function that can sometimes be taken for granted until it is needed is the Anti-Locking Braking System. A safety system in many modern vehicles, ABS is designed to help reduced skidding and loss of traction whilst braking. Much like the Electronic Stability Programme or the Electronic Stability Control, these systems involve a combination of pump and control units with vehicle sensors to monitor and process information whilst driving. Should even one