Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

32 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Irish Enterprise Awards , FinTech Innovators of the Year 2021 A top of the rangemoneymanagement solutionwith a reputation for seamless excellence, Salmon Software has beenmakingwaves since its inception. A grown-up and incredibly experienced business, this award-winning service’s growth is looking to continue trending upwards for years to come. Mar21161 Salmon Software is an elite treasury management software that was founded in 1985, one that has been upgrading itself since its founding to become not only one of the most established, but the best in its industry. It has achieved its myriad of successes by way of its flagship project, Salmon Treasurer; this comprehensive yet intuitive system covers any elements of treasury management that a client might need. It has evolved with technology over the years, Salmon Software being a company with its finger on the pulse of modern industry, and thus has kept itself competitive with internal systems that effortlessly keep up with shifting global paradigms. It reflects technological innovations and integrates them seamlessly whilst still being user-friendly for Salmon Software’s clients. Its efficacy and sophistication are where the company’s history truly shines through, as it uses the knowledge of the past in tandem with the innovations of the future. Based in Ireland and operating in the FinTech sector, its services have become truly world class and renowned amongst an ever-growing client base. From its main headquarters in Dublin, Salmon Software has additional bases in wider Ireland, England, Brazil, Australia, and the Czech Republic, allowing it to fully support its global customers with diligence and timeliness. This gives its international and national clients peace of mind that it has the systems in place able to handle any issues they might have at any time of the day, just one aspect of its commitment to stellar customer service. It attributes the credit for its success to its staff, all of whom are highly skilled, multi-disciplined, and, just like the software itself, always in development. Its team champion learning and upskilling, refusing to stagnate and always pushing for the best when it comes to their work, attitudes reflected in the company across the board. Its developers, R&D and innovations teams, and client liaison staff all ensure that Salmon Software can manage any challenge. Furthermore, its capabilities combine with meaningful client interaction to allow it to pursue its internal policy of continuous, customer-focused work, ensuring the quality of the product, but also lending the client the support they need to use it effectively. In this way, its clients find themselves collaborating with Salmon Software. Its treasury management system is an incredible example of modern technological ingenuity, accomplishing many different roles for a client. Firstly, it incorporates cash management and forecasting in such a way that can keep up with the busy role of the corporate treasurer, in line with the recent increased pressures on this role. Salmon Software takes on these tasks and handles them with thoroughness to ensure minimal error. Additionally, it works to handle debt and derivatives trade finance, allowing trades in a myriad of OTC products to be carried out with immediacy, managing risk to quantify, analyse, and monitor the safety of a client’s operations. It also has integrated automated processing that allows a client to make deals fully automatic through a myriad of trading platforms, speeding up the process and streamlining business. In tandem with this, its in house banking and reporting ensures that Salmon Software can keep up with up-to-the-minute treasury reporting. Over the years it has been in operation its client list has been growing as the market and the business expanded, and today it boasts a long roster of prestigious customers that use it as their go-to money management solution. Across the board, the testimonials from such customers laud Salmon Software’s friendliness, confidence, and watertight knowledge as being the highest standard. As the industry develops further, Salmon Software looks forward to seeing where such innovations will take it – and its clients – next. Company: Salmon Software Limited Contact: John Byrne Website: