Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

60 EU BUSINESS NEWS / 2021 Irish Enterprise Awards , resources to provide effective cleaning services for themselves. According to Sanitise, the key to a thriving economy is collaboration among businesses, which therefore is a core value of the firm’s company culture. Sanitise’s other core values are also focused on the firm’s contribution to society in Ireland. From its goal to educate as many people as possible about better hygiene standards, to its environmentally responsible products and methods, Sanitise is ensuring that deep cleaning can be achieved without costing the health of the planet and its populations. Moreover, having been founded at a pivotal moment in history, Sanitise seeks to be a part of a positive difference, utilising its resources to benefit the community. Despite being one of the best places to live in terms of quality of life according to an article in Irish Times, Ireland is currently in the midst of a homelessness crisis, and resources to support those affected are only becoming more stretched. Sanitise is working with organisations across Cork such as Cork Penny Diners, the Simon Community, SVP, and Cork Homelessness Drive by donating masks, sanitiser, disinfecting services, antimicrobial coated floors and touchpoints, and more, so that they can continue to do their vital work safely. The firm also works with charities such as The Rainbow Club, Arc Cancer Support and Claire’s Wish, offering its services however they are needed. United by a vibrant vision for change, the Sanitise team continues to go above and beyond to make positive impacts within its internal community, as well as external. By cultivating a supportive working environment that employees take pride in, Sanitise is able to deliver exceptional customer service built around market-leading products that benefit society. Now in its second year of operations, Sanitise is prioritising getting as many people back to school, college and work as safely as possible. Supported by education and the outstanding resources it has at its disposal, Sanitise is able to look ahead to a bright future of success for itself as a company and Ireland as a whole. Contact: Tony Barry Company: Sanitise Ireland Web Address: Feb21262 Leading Innovators in Antimicrobial Sanitisation 2021 Sanitise Ireland was founded, with amission to provide eco friendly, safe and effective cleaning solutions to businesses and communities across Ireland. Since its inception, the firm has gone above and beyond tomake vital contributions to Irish society, as the country adjusts to the effects of a challenging year defined by global crisis. According to, Approx. 2000 people a year in Ireland and 1.6m globally, die from chemical exposure alone. This does not include the many serious illnesses or skin irritations that chemicals cause. Sanitise Ireland seeks to provide the least harmful but most powerful, natural alternatives. A one-stop service for eco-friendly and effective sanitising and hygiene solutions. Sanitise Ireland seeks to be the most innovative partner for home and businessowners, looking to naturally safeguard their domestic and commercial spaces. Adiverse and experienced team that is dedicated to deliveringthe highest standards of service, Sanitise strives to offer its clients the best, safest options in cleaning products. For the cleaning and disinfecting company, the pandemic provided a major catalyst for its evolution, as it sought to fill the gap in the market for effective, eco-friendly hygiene solutions that could go someway in keeping as many businesses and homes, as safe and operational, as possible. The Sanitise team began by researching the best methods and equipment used around the world for effective sanitation, landing on disinfectant fogging. As this was not available in Ireland, Sanitise sourced the equipment abroad to make this accessible, in the local market. As they did, they discovered many companies where using harmful chemicals and did not want to go down this route. Instead spending time looking for the most eco-friendly disinfectants and sanitisers. During this they found a myriad of other products and solutions that were effective, natural and safe, although not yet available in Ireland. Chief among these was its HOCI solution, Eezzee Aquazzee, a multiuse product suitable for skin, fabrics, hard surfaces, vehicles and outdoor areas and is not dangerous when used around children and food. Although Eezzee Aquazzee has been passed by the BPR and ECHA, it had not been passed for use in Ireland. Sanitise made it a priority to register the HOCI product with the Irish Department of Agriculture, a feat which has finally been successful and enabled the beginning of the arrival of a new, superior HOCI product into the Irish market. WHO estimate that chemical production will be four times higher by 2050. Sanitise Ireland want a better future for people and the planet. In order to do their part they have sourced the least harmful and most powerful, natural alternatives for everyday use. As well as this they have a zero- waste policy on all their recycled bottles. Offering customers, a discount for bottle returns or refills. Providing services in disinfecting and deep cleaning, Sanitise’s services have been relied on by schools, day care centres, county councils, care homes and hospitals, retail centres and transport services. The firm also provides its products to companies offering valet services, giving them the