Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

EU BUSINESS NEWS /2021 Irish Enterprise Awards 67 , Best Professional Event Security Team 2021 Security demands perfection and diligence. Meeting expectations is the bare minimum required to achieve long-standing success in this often-challenging sphere. Aiming to always exceed client requirements is the top goal of event security firm 1 Plus Security. We spoke with Alan Crowley at 1 Plus Security for more insight into the company’s operations and core ethos. Feb21173 On Establishment, Vision and Mission “1 Plus Security has grown since inception in 2016, to being a leading Event Security service provider which received an Ireland Business All-Star Award in 2019. We attribute this steady growth to the combination of committed staff, management that embraces perspective and leadership, and loyal customers who value what we do. Our team of dedicated security professionals combine expertise, experience and knowledge to ensure that our clients receive the best possible professional service. We ensure that safe and secure international events are hosted in Ireland and abroad with maximum efficiency and client satisfaction. “Our vision is to provide internationally accredited safety and security solutions that enhance our clients’ business performance. “To achieve this, our mission is to solve clients’ security challenges while enhancing their business experience through integrating security into operational and service delivery procedures using innovative technology. We do this by providing experienced professional security personnel possessing an excel lent track record. “We communicate with our staff and customers using the latest software systems available and leadership, empathy and trust with teamwork as our priority. Cultural diversity underpins our organisational strength and enriches our human encounters. We encourage all in our team to align their personal ambitions with their professional goals to enhance their work-life experience. We aim to communicate a level of care and commitment to our staff – through employee assistance programs, incentives, and social media and internal correspondence – inspiring and reminding them to stay safe and remain hopeful during difficult times.” On the Future “We are expanding our service offering to include complete facilities management via our newly initiated cleaning division. We believe in partnering with and supporting entrepreneurial thinkers in the community to promote other small businesses. Our continued focus on personal and professional development of our staff through training and enhancement opportunities remains a priority. We believe this contributes to the establishment of economic resilience in the region. Developing our team, individually and collectively, will enable us to make 2021 our best year yet.” Final Thoughts and Comments “The current business climate renders it essential to focus on employees in the context of their personal and professional integrating AI and App technology into our service delivery.” On the Irish Market and the Impact of COVID-19 “The devastating impact of COVID on the events industry has affected many support service businesses – and security is no exception! We are fortunate to have an experienced team of remarkable people who adapted to the situation. If every cloud has a silver lining, we made sure to provide COVID-compliant security and cleaning services for our clients. We have responded with tailormade services that meet clients’ needs, ensuring that events comply fully with safety and security regulations under difficult trading conditions. Additionally, we are expanding to offer additional support services based on the shifting trading and economic trends. “The magic of Ireland makes this country an obvious choice for a tremendous variety of novel and traditional events and festivals. The natural beauty, the gregarious spirit of Dubliners with their welcoming hospitality, and the attractive historic venues all contribute to creating a splendid backdrop. Concerts and celebrations set against such stunning landscapes is a substantial incentive for visitors, audiences, fans and festival goers alike.” On Internal Culture “Our core values include journey, against the backdrop of the pandemic. Instead of seeing people as a human resource we view our employees as human potential and development of our staff encourages them to re-envision their own expanded capacity and recognise and cherish their own human potential. “We aim to help each employee at every level in the company to reach the very best version of themselves possible. In the entry level arena, where people start in positions of security, cleaning and facilities management, we recognise, acknowledge and aim to develop each person’s inherent potential so that they may fulfil their goals and ambitions.” Company: 1 Plus Security Name: Alan Crowley Email: [email protected] Web: