Issue 7 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2022 15 With its founder Phyllis Elin Ph.D earning accreditation as the ‘Most Influential CEO’ in 2022 for New York, her company – Knowledge Preservation – has been making waves throughout North America with its incredibly well designed and thorough data protection strategies. Implementing infrastructure that promises to take its clients’ organizations to the next level and future-proof their gathered information in a holistic sense, it specialises in the protection, restructuring, and empowerment of data assets. As one of the most trusted data protecting companies in New York, Knowledge Preservation has cut its teeth on the defence, structuring, and empowerment of it’s clients’ data assets. For this company, the truth of its ambition lies in its name – Knowledge Protection – as this describes the structural work it does to rebuild its customers’ organizational memory into something that will preserve their company’s information and safeguard it well. Founded by exemplary mind in her industry and pioneer of governmental information management, Phyllis Elin Ph.D, she has turned this company into a front-runner of industry and leader of information governance and consultancy practice. Its team, experts in synthesised information, use deep information governance and technological skills to create holistic, cost-effective, and best-practice information restructure in their work. Thus, it has been able to protect and empower their core data assets since its beginning. Making a name for itself in this manner was never a struggle for Knowledge Protection, as in everything it has made its professionalism and diligence known, serving one client at a time with truly incredibly levels of customer service that keep them at the very heart of its concerns. Helping clients to create, deploy, and maintain its strategies, Elin herself is a CCPA, GDPR, data privacy, data security, and governance expert, working in the New York City Metropolitan Area and serving her clients with an exemplary level of pride that each of them appreciate. After all, she sees her duty towards her clients as a duty of care, one that will better the corporate world in the macro scale. Her information governance work has been developed thusly over the past 30 years, allowing her to build an in-depth and highly impressive portfolio of past clients, each of whom have benefitted from the enterprise-wide information consultancy she has delivered to clients from financial enterprises to pharmaceutical companies. She has also served customers in healthcare, the legal sector, higher education, and the public sector. Its services include the development, deployment, and maintenance of data defensible governance systems, each of which have made a name for itself in the market for the excellence that unite them. Fundamentally, although each of its services are highly tailored to fit the client, their needs, and their specifications, they all share this as a common trait, as well as sharing the outstanding level of customer service that goes into their implementation and implementation; its staff take great pride in making sure each customer feels taken care of throughout the entire process. When it comes to needs assessment and gap analysis, it uses an in-depth and industry leading understanding of data assets to conduct itself and re-organise a client’s informational structure. Firstly, its work with a client begins by identifying client priorities right from the word ‘go’, teasing out the individual needs, specifications, and priorities that they find the most important in order to ensure it can do its best work. Knowledge Protection then uses this information to assess, evaluate, and isolate any high risk and high value data compliance and litigation risks, presenting these to the client in a manner that is holistic and unladen by jargon in order to give them a comprehensive idea of what it is they’re dealing with and what the implications are. After all, above all else, it is aware of what a minefield its industry can be to the uninitiated – and even for those who are more intimately familiar with it. Knowledge Protection gives its clients the opportunity to shuffle any stress caused by this enigmatic and complication consideration, instituting remediation plans that address gaps and weaknesses in a manner than leaves no stone unturned and no factor unconsidered. After all, the benefit of gaining the help of a foremost expert such as Elin and her teammeans that a client can rest assured that this will happen in a reliable fashion; between her own expertise and the knowledge of her team, her experience means that she is adept at seeing all variables at play and act accordingly. Developing reporting, communication, and accountability structures with this in mind is a sure-fire way to increase their dependability. This, effectively, future-proof’s a clients’ businesses by co-ordinating gap remediation planning, analysis, and reporting, each of which can happen quickly, efficiently, and without draining a client’s own internal resources, which will usually always be of better use elsewhere. Due to this, clients can focus on what matters to them – the ambitions of their business – and leave information protection in the capable hands of Knowledge Protection and its team, resting assured that they have made the right choice. Indeed, Knowledge Protection has aided many clients in this way, and does not wish for any new clients to simply have to take its word for it. Elin and her team are staunchly dedicated to the collection of and action regarding client feedback, and Knowledge Protection is always anxious to keep improving and developing accordingly, with a proactive approach to feedback that has seen clients depend on it time after time. With the exemplary retention schedule implementation it handles, the politics, procedures, and training it delivers, and the customer service that exists behind every service it offers, Knowledge Protection and Phyllis Elin herself are looking forward to a continually improving future for itself, its clients, and the wider world. Company: Knowledge Preservation Contact: Phyllis Elin Web: Apr22061