Issue 7 2022

4. News 6. NearMeNow: Most Influential CEO, 2022 - Cardiff, the United Kingdom 7. Proximity: Powerful Workspace Management Software for a Tech-Powered Hybrid World 8. Tu Identidad: Identity Verification, Made Easy 9. Expedient Tax Inc: Concierge Tax Service 10. GrowthRocks Ltd.: Leading The Path To Success 11. Iconic Digital Marketing Consultants: Iconic Marketing, Iconic Leadership 12. Three T Institute: The Three ‘T’s of Project Management Education 14. Knowledge Preservation: In Defence of Data 16. AG Auto Trading LLC: Most Inflfluential CEO, 2022 - Dubai, the United Arab Emirates 18. Cooper Standard: Automotive Supplier CIO of the Year 2022 19. eDreams ODIGEO: Shaping the Future of Travel 20. Winners’ Listings Contents