Issue 7 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2022 8 Mar22631 When it comes to identity verification, all past processes and procedures have become known as full of bloatware for both customer and verifier, resulting in an incredibly irritating and unnecessarily time-consuming experience. Seeing this, Tu Identidad has responded by resolving to change all of that. Attempting to overcome the current As an identity verification expert, Tu Identidad has seen all sorts of systems and processes come and go, each more complex than the next. With this in mind, CEO Ricardo Robledo, the ‘Most Influential CEO’ in 2022 for Mexico has developed the Tu Identidad platform, hoping to usher in a new era of better-standardized processes that protect the information gathered and make it less stressful on the side of both the information gatherer and the information giver. systems of cumbersome, risky, complex, and unfriendly identification verification solutions that foster an air of distrust and suspicion between the parties involved, it has vastly trimmed the fat from the process with its identity verification platform. Led by front-running professional Ricardo Robledo, he has made this possible with the supportive and respectful management style he uses in order to cultivate a healthy atmosphere within his team and inspire a true commitment to his clients. It is his vision to spread the word of its flagship innovation. Tu Identidad has developed an integral layer of digital identity verification services which will be the cornerstone of the user-intuitive, and easy-to-use platform in which a bank, institution, company, or market participant can identify the customer, partner, supplier, or shareholder; after this, the final user or information owner will complete a secure digital file that will identify itself by mobile device. This creates a simple, friendly, and unintimidating give-and-take with its own internal standards that are consistent across the board, a far cry from the usual industry standard of a total lack of consistency. Streamlining the processes and shirking the common data integrity issues of its peers, its platform guarantees all necessary verifications will be carried out in a timely and reliable manner. Thus, the clients it serves include traditional finance institutions such as banks, insurance companies, Fintechs, and those companies involved in the prevention of fraud who implement digital processes, and its way of working has quickly endeared it to such companies. With an obsession for meeting goals, customer service, determination, always growing, and being humble and realistic about its development, it strives to be the best of the best whilst acknowledging how much there still is to learn. This allows it to graciously accept client feedback – an invaluable element of platforms such as the one it has created – and to implement said feedback in a meaningful way. Furthermore, listening to its clients has gone a long way towards endearing it to its market segment, something that each member of its team has worked hard to make a cornerstone of the business and a courtesy that is also extended to the staff in its yearly strategic planning meetings. Ricardo Robledo himself takes a ‘lead from the front’ ethos in this way, and with 25 years of leadership behind him, he looks forward to facing down any future challenges and implementing AI and machine learning technology into the business to further improve fraud prevention. Company: Tu Identidad Contact: Ricardo Robledo Website: Identity Verification, Made Easy