Q1 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 13 , Finding The Most Economical Solution Supported bymany years of experience, SDGummi UG uses this knowledge of product engineering andmarket competence in the field of rubber and plastics processing to develop unique technical solutions. We profiled the firm to discover more about how SDGummi established themselves as the most innovative elastomer solutions developer in 2019. Based in Germany, SDGummi specializes in developing individual technical solutions out of rubber, silicone and plastics for industrial applications. As a result of providing these innovative solutions, many of SDGummi clients come from a diverse range of industrial sectors, which includes manufacturing systems engineering, chemical industry, food and pharma industry, and ship building to name but a few. Working hand in hand with their customers to place high-quality elastomer products on the market where those are needed, SDGummi use their extensive technical and material knowledge, and a supplier network, to help their clients to find the best solution specified to their demand. Going into further detail about the services the firm provides, Managing Director Tom Domhoff begins by informing us of the key factors which mark SDGummi as the best option for clients compared to their competition. “Here at SDGummi, we are not just a technical retailer – we are trusted partner for our clients, questioning the material and geometry of every component they are requiring to work out the best solution in both quality and function. “Since our inception, we have helped customers with the construction for new product developments as well as optimizing estate products. In theprocess, we are working Dec19013 with a network of specialized manufacturers so that we can access to a wide product range, and are able to offer the most economical solution for the individual demand.” Supporting the firm in their mission to provide this level of service, is the experienced, innovative and dedicated team which forms the backbone of SDGummi. When discussing the internal culture, Tom is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm, touching on how each member of staff is well-equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. “As a whole, we are always interested in new technical competitions, and so we would never say a project is impossible to realize for us. As such, our team are constantly expanding their know how and become even more efficient at working with every inquiry we receive. In addition to this, the possession of permanent education of material knowledge and innovative manufacturing methods help us to give our customers the best service.” Being based in Germany, the SDGummi team believe that there is a strong market and a strong business competition, which leads to a constantly growing economy and the opportunity for new companies to establish themselves within the market. Today, SDGummi have a wide industry that is based in Germany and a good approach to countries in the European Union, which means that there is a big demand for industrial components. Going forward, the firm hope that the corporate landscape in Germany will rise in the next few years, especially in their branch as this will mean that there is more competition, but also more chances for partnerships to their company. As for what else the future holds for the firm, Tom signs off by revealing some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially touching on the ways they are improving sustainability. “In the future, we will build up our product range and trying to convince more customers from our philosophy to launch more and more sustainable products in the market. For every part of the industry, there will be an increase in the number of ecological competitions in the next years. As such, the economy needs to improve sustainability, waste handling and recycling to save the planet. Which is why, we are working with experts specialized in bio plastics and compostable plastic materials to find new substitutes for products which cause excessive environmental pollution.” Contact: Tom Domhoff Company: SDGummi UG Address: Gartenstrasse 33b, 41460 Neuss, Germany Telephone: 02131 5390373 Web Address: www.sdgummi.de

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