Q1 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 17 , First Class Estate Agents It’s never an easy job to find the perfect home, especially when you’re looking for it in another country. Pitching themselves perfectly tomeet this demand are the teamat First Citiz Berlin. Following success in EU Business News’ German Business Awards 2019 last year, this company was named as the Best International Real Estate Agency – Berlin. We profiled the business to find out more. First Citiz is a leading international estate agent based in Berlin. It takes an active role in developing, selling and buying in the most central and sought-after neighbourhoods in the region, such as Mitte, Tiergarten and Moabit. Uniquely qualified to provide the best possible service not just for domestic clients, but international clients as well, First Citiz presents an incredible opportunity for those who need their services. What First Citiz can provide is a turnkey service to the people who need it most. Whether it is buying or selling, the talented team is on hand to offer clients a wealth of options. For property sellers, this means a free valuation service and full assistance on the sale service, while buyers are able to take advantage of the unique turnkey service that begins with the search for the appropriate property and mortgage combination, adding in process management What this means is that First Citiz is able to guide clients through the process, with its international outreach meaning that buyers and sellers can use the business as an intermediary. The secret of First Citiz’s success, compared to other real estate agents, is what it does differently. In many ways, it stems directly from the entirely different business model, based on a mix of five main dimensions. Firstly, there is the international appeal of the business, with its considerable outreach and visibility meaning that over 80% of it involves an international customer. Team members are fluent speakers of between two and five languages, meaning that they are intimately acquainted with international transactions. Similarly, the local knowledge garnered means that the team at First Class Citiz have an excellent perspective on their position in the market. A high commitment to clients and strong willingness to provide a high-quality service means that every client is satisfied. Of course, leading from the front are the management team of Anna Kuznetsova and Dhaker Haj-Ali, with five Masters degrees from European leading business schools between them. A strong background in banking and investment fields within global leading companies gives them a special perspective on the world at large. The Berlin property market is record-breaking, with a strong focus on maintaining the momentum that has brought double-digit growth rates across several branches. This has been helped by Berlin’s status as the main start-up hub across Germany, and indeed Europe. Obviously, this boon has had a positive effect on the property market, with a sustained demand for housing and new properties being built ever year. When added to the unique business climate that Germany has cultivated, built on trust and confidence, it’s no surprise that businesses like First Citiz Berlin are able to grow swiftly. Looking forward, First Citiz aims to take its successful model to the next level. Having developed such success in Berlin, it intends to improve Nov19394 and replicate the model in other cities that have the interest of international property buyers and where the same excellent property consulting services can be run to the same standards. Of course, these hopes will be affected by the rise of digitalisation and other companies following in the successful footsteps of First Citiz. The company’s priority for the future, therefore, is working on ways of keeping a unique international market outreach, while ensuring the company has a strong digital presence. It’s a combination of factors that has driven First Citiz forward, namely a strong economy and unique selling point. As other business seem set to follow in its footsteps, what remains is for First Citiz to continue being the best provider of these services. Having now set the standard for others, it must continue to exceed them in the name of success. Contact Details Company: First Citiz Berlin Contact: Anna Kuznetsova Website: www.firstcitiz.com

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