Q1 2020

22 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 , iDKlic Opens Belgium- Based Pharmacy Retail Technology Showroom The showroomwill demonstrate the value of next generation in-store marketing technology for retail pharmacy visitors. PRN has recently announced that iDKlic, part of the PRN Health division and the leader in scaled digital marketing solutions for retail pharmacies across Europe, is opening a new "Pharmacy Retailer Digital Center of Excellence" located in Brussels, Belgium. The center, designed to simulate a realistic pharmacy environment, rethinks healthcare retail customer experiences and demonstrates the value of next generation in-store marketing technology for pharmacists, pharma brands and consumers. PRN and iDKlic are part of the global STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies. The showroom features best-in- class scalable digital technology designed to enhance physical pharmacies and health and wellness stores. A showroom visitor can experience in-store digital solutions that span the entire shopper journey such as: large-format digital window displays that draw shoppers into the space by highlighting data- driven daily offers and specials; lift and learn fixtures designed to support product discovery and comparison; and interactive symptom-checker kiosks that recommend cold and flu products with patient symptoms. "We set out to simulate a truly smart store, showing how digital technology can transform traditional pharmacies into Pharmacy 3.0 — generating more traffic, offering better guidance for customers, connecting the physical store to digital and mobile, and using interactivity to personalize the shopper experience," states Jean-Charles Figoni, Founder and CEO of iDKlic. Kevin Carbone, CEO of PRN Health, added, "What's most exciting is that iDKlic has assembled advanced digital marketing solutions that address all key market trends and enhance the entire customer journey. Their Pharmacy Retailer Digital Center of Excellence shows how intelligent visual display can impact sales and engagement at every step in the pharmacy shopper journey, even down to understanding operations and customer behavior through STRATACACHE's proprietary Walkbase in-store analytics platform. It's truly state-of-the-art." Learn more about iDKlic at www. idklic.com and PRN Health at www.prnhealth.com .

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