Q1 2020

28 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2020 , Belgium's iFLUX introduces new product tomeasure PFAS in groundwater. Cyclopure, Inc., a leading innovator in water purification technologies and the developer of DEXSORB™ filtration products, and iFLUX of Belgium today announced the availability of a new product for use in the measurement and analysis of PFAS in groundwater. The new cartridge joins iFLUX's line of other water flux cartridges to offer expanded capabilities for environmental study of contaminants in groundwater. The new iFLUX cartridge uses Cyclopure's DEXSORB+ adsorbent in passive samplers to extract PFAS from water for in-lab recovery and analysis. Using procedures developed by Cyclopure for its Water Test Kit Pro, SGS Laboratories will perform measurement and analysis of recovered PFAS at its Antwerp labs. "We are very pleased to now offer PFAS water flux cartridges to expand the scope of our environmental monitoring services," said iFLUX Founder and Technical Director Goedele Verreydt. "DEXSORB+ is perfectly suited for use in our passive sampling systems." IFLUX PFAS Cartridge Luc De Ren, Business Development Manager for SGS Belgium, added that "DEXSORB+ is a convenient media for us to work with in the lab. We are impressed with its uptake for a broad range of PFAS." Derived from corn, Cyclopure's line of DEXSORB adsorbents have demonstrated excellent performance in the removal of microtoxins now present in drinking water, including Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), like PFOA and PFOS. "We are happy that Goedele and her team chose DEXSORB+ as their media for collection of PFAS," stated Cyclopure CEO Frank Cassou. "They were super to work with; knew what they wanted and moved quickly." Cassou noted that the DEXSORB+ media used in the iFLUX passive sampling cartridge is in the same form used for its PFAS pilot treatment activities with municipalities such as Orange County Water District OCWD Pilot. "It's a good example of the versatility of DEXSORB+ and how we will market it for analytical, household and municipal applications." Cyclopure Announces First Commercial Use of DEXSORB+ in Europe