Q1 2021

14 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q1 2021 , Reaching New Decision Makers Based in The Netherlands, Xpresso Communications benefits formhaving an experienced and knowledgeable expert leading the way. Recently, we caught up with FiorenzaMella to find out more about the firm’s philosophy, and how the human touch canmake all the difference. Xpresso Communications is a PR and digital marketing company providing B2B integrated communications campaigns that deliver brand awareness, international visibility and company growth to vendors in the media, broadcast, proAV and other technology-centred markets. Headquartered in The Netherlands, the company has operations in New York, Washington DC and across Europe from Cologne, London, Oslo and Paris to Milan. As content specialists Xpresso strives to make its customers’ digital marketing, and customer journey, remarkable. The firm achieves this by creating a wide variety of content, including press announcements, blog posts, articles, applied technology pieces, tutorials, case studies, awards entries and so on - all with the goal of supporting its customers’ sales and business development initiatives. The Xpresso communications team comprises of senior communications strategists, digital marketing experts, senior writers with deep experience in technology content, content marketing, social media, brand building and business development. At the helm is founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fiorenza Mella, a communications strategist, and marketing and international PR specialist, with multilingual skills and intercultural competences. “Here at Xpresso, we have humanized PR and marketing in technology-driven markets in order to reach the new decision makers who are not always tech-savvy,” she states of her firm. “We believe that a large part of why we were chosen relates to the way that we have aimed to make technology-orientated communications more accessible, relevant and ‘human’ in nature.” With more than twenty years’ marketing and communications experience in broadcast, telecom, satellite and related technologies, Fiorenza is the creative mind behind several successful PR and marketing campaigns for the launch and growth of several businesses as well as the strategic voice of numerous social media accounts. Her international career includes spells running production and post-production companies, and senior sales and marketing roles with manufacturers of broadcast equipment. Representing technology firms around the world in the field of broadcast, proAV and numerous other technology-driven markets, Xpresso Communications maintains a team of international content strategists and creators who excel in writing and distributing content that engages with the human aspect of business, whilst also demonstrating a deep understanding of underlying technologies. This vision of creating and delivering technology content for a broader audience, including - but not limited to - those who are less tech-savvy, is based on the idea of focusing on the benefits of a given solution, rather than its technical specification. This itself constitutes a key point of differentiation from many other companies in the media and technology industries. “A key consideration in our communications approach is the idea of entropy,” Fiorenza continues. “As things lose energy, a ‘descent’ into disorder tends to occur, and at that point it can be difficult to reinvigorate a message with energy and direction.” She continues to explains that an effective content strategy is not just about crafting a single compelling composition (though skill in this field is paramount), but that it is about developing a wider strategy that builds with consistency, and delivers a common central idea even as the details around it vary. “Our common central idea always aims to relate to the intersection between technology, business benefit, and the human element. Around this, we work in the details of products and technological specification. The aim is always to build energy and avoid the fatigue of communication entropy.” When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Fiorenza and the team at Xpresso Communications were already on-board the remote working bandwagon, and had been for some time, as Fiorenza passionately believes that a remote approach brings a range of benefits. “Remote working gives each of our members the time and freedom to engage in their own pursuits – which results in happier, more motivated workers. But it also means they can take professional development into their own hands, meaning that each of our members is able to stay abreast of the latest developments in AV and Broadcast, and bring that expertise to our clients every day. “It’s important to recognise the human dimension that unites us all; a human dimension that does not exist in parallel with our professional lives, but is interwoven with it. This is core to our philosophy at Xpresso – understanding that even in the most technical of fields, communication needs to address the human first and foremost.” Company: Xpresso Communications Contact: Fiorenza Mella Website: www.xpressocommunications.com Sep20550