Q2 2019

16 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2019 , Survey Proves Change Workshops Deliver Business Success Leading Change, the London-based consultancy business with proven expertise in strategy execution, conducted a survey with attendees of recent change workshops which confirmed beyond doubt that its change workshops help deliver business success. A survey of Leading Change workshop participants revealed that a staggering 100% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed that the workshops developed: • cohesive leadership teams more likely to deliver successful change programme • leaders able to engage people effectively and more likely to be more successful in implementing organisational change • a clear picture of a business’ joint goals which will help all stakeholders focus on the most important outputs during the change programmes “We’re delighted with the results, but not surprised. Data confirms Leading Change workshops provide attendees with the tools needed to implement change and implement successful business strategies,” said Mark Bouch, managing director of Leading Change. McKinsey research indicates 15% of all change projects completely fail and the remaining 85% achieve between 40-60% of anticipated results. There is a direct correlation between the level of change project success and a factor called ‘change adoption’. Irrespective of the quality of the change programme, people’s ability to transition from old to new will often determine success, impacting completion deadlines, productivity and costs. Leading Change workshops are pitched at change leaders and individuals subject to change. Their aim is to develop focused, effective change adopters at all levels. Bouch says: “Our pragmatic and simple change strategies ensure leaders and teams are able to adapt to change quickly, enabling them to perform consistently and create increasing value in today’s fast changing business world.” Leading Change’s workshops move the focus from traditional ‘change management’ processes to the “change leadership” necessary to manage change execution and the people side of change. They challenge leaders and teams to think, feel and believe differently about change. A structured approach to change leadership supports leaders to engage and inspire people to be ready, willing and able to change and to help them transition so the ‘new way’ becomes business as usual.