Q2 2020

18 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , IDnow Accelerates Innovation in Identity Verification in UK UK demand for IDnow, a German identity verification start-up, grows with BP, Macropay and UK government the latest to explore AI and video identity software. IDnow (www. idnow.io ), a fast growing European identity verification provider, is in talks with the UK government about creating “immunity passports” for people who have recovered from COVID-19. The deal could see IDnow’s technology used to determine how recently someone has been tested and whether they can return to work. The use of video identity verification software will firstly confirm the document that the person is using is valid and, secondly will enable a short interview to be conducted with the person. IDnow, which is headquartered in Munich, Germany, provides AI-based technology that can check all security features on ID documents, enabling the identities of more than seven billion customers from 193 different countries to be verified. Roger Tyrzyk, Head of Sales UK/I at IDnow, comments: “Identity verification is now a high growth market – especially during the current crisis when digital products are in higher demand than ever before. The current requirements from the UK government allows us to play to our strengths in creating innovative technology to support this vital strategy. The impact of the current pandemic has shown the important role digital identity verification can play in helping the UK get back on its feet. “We expect a new normal after the pandemic, so anticipate further growth as people adjust to the new digital ways of working and living. In fact, it will soon become the norm in all kinds of different industries as they look to use secure video base identity verification products to onboard customers or to perform electronic signatures.” Since launching its solutions in the UK in November last year, IDnow has also seen enormous demand from organisations for its AI-based product AutoIdent that can check all security features on ID documents. In particular, it has seen increased demand from regulated sectors such as finance and gaming. As these industries face increased regulatory pressure, IDnow’s expert knowledge of German regulation, which is considered one of the most highly regulated markets globally, has become critical. “Thanks to the reliability of our German technology and given it has to adhere to the BaFin regulations, the highest standards in the industry, we are attracting leading players in the UK’s gaming and financial services sectors looking for compliant and steadfast identity verification services,” says Roger. Nigel Birrell, CEO, Lottoland, adds: “In our business, flexible customer service, security and legal compliance are crucial. With its online identification solution, IDnow offers us the very best in all areas. “Many customers use our services via smartphone and fill out their tickets using our app while on the move. With IDnow AutoIdent, we can now accept orders independently from our service centre around the clock, worldwide. This will enable us to meet increasing global demand and provide our users with a perfect customer experience from the moment they sign up, without making any compromises regarding legal compliance.” IDnow has secured deals with some major UK companies, among them several FTSE 250 companies such as BP and GVC, as well as Macropay, Holvi and Allied Irish Banks (AIB) since it launched in London following a successful $40 million financing round. Paul Kenny, Head of Lifecycle Optimisation at AIB, commented: “As a bank, we have to meet a lot of regulatory requirements. IDnow is a trusted partner in the fields of security and compliance and helps us deliver fast and efficient onboarding for our customers.” Besides the London Office at Canary Warf, the company will now move into its new Manchester city centre premises, in line with the Government’s social distancing guidance in the coming weeks. This will see a new team on-site driving new business, UK focused marketing and the firm’s core business functions. In the meantime, the team is working remotely supporting its growing customer base in line with IDnow’s home office policy. Roger concludes: “In recent weeks, our entire team has been working from home. What looked like a big challenge turned out to work smoothly right from the start. As a company we have seen positive effects – not least an increase in productivity in many areas. Therefore, whilst we have physical premises for our UK team, we will be offering employees the option of home working to a much greater extent in the future.”

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