Q2 2021

10 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2021 , Creating Architectural Dreams Architecture is a potent combination of practical thinking, and ambitious dreaming. Only through a detailed knowledge of what can be done, can something new be created. This artisan approach is key to the success of Alessandra Cipriani’s firm, Arch. Alessandra Cipriani. Named as the Best Residential Architecture & Interior Design Studio – Tuscany in EU Business News’ European Enterprise Awards 2020, we dig a little deeper to discover the foundations of their success. Alessandra Cipriani has always had ambition, but it is tempered by an approach which aims to build on the experiences of others. When she graduated in 2003, she spent seven years with a major Milanese design company, transforming the urban plan of the Castello region of Florence for real estate and landscape development. This gave her the opportunity to collaborate with an established Florentine design studio on Italian and international projects, and the encouragement to strike out on her own… The result was Arch. Alessandra Cipriani, her own studio specializing in the refurbishment of farmhouses in the Tuscany’s countryside. This work embraces the typical rural architecture of the Tuscan tradition, while working to incorporate modern solutions into the fabric of these old-style buildings. While this blend of old and new is at the heart of what Alessandra has to offer, the customer’s dream is always the first priority. An artisan approach is what sets Alessandra apart from her competitors, with an attitude where a knowledge of materials blends with the mastery of putting them together. Tradition only has value when continuously enriched by technical innovations. Her work is designed to create spaces for the life and well-being of people, and architecture projects must fit their specific scenarios like a tailored suit. More recently, Alessandra’s clients have been people who have fallen in love with what the Tuscan countryside has to offer, and are seeking beautiful properties that enhance the rural peace that is provided. Often, clients want a space where they can receive some refuge from the chaos of the Dec20269 modern world, and where they can regroup and recharge themselves. The final results of a project manage this with ease, maintaining the characteristic architectural elements as a historical memory of what it was before and at the same time giving new life and function to architecture that is now abandoned. Achieving these results is a result of detailed study and careful dialogue with everyone involved. Needless to say, there are always new things to learn from every stakeholder, and keeping an open mind ensures that these ideas can be carried onto future projects. In such a competitive sector, this openness to the value of good craftsmanship sets the firm apart from many others. It ensures a level of detail that is often overlooked or ignored in favour of cost efficiency or speed of construction. In some buildings undertaken by the talented team, even the terracotta tiles are different from each other, giving the project a high-quality feel that is entirely unique. The future of Alessandra’s studio looks incredibly positive as more and more people come to see what she has to offer. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic will allow her firm to rise again, reborn in this brave new world. Clearly a priority for many will be the concept of interior design, and the role of colour within it. Alessandra and her impressive team are more than equipped to tackle whatever is thrown at them. With an eye for not just maintaining tradition, but keeping it right up to date, their work is sure to continue being in incredibly high demand. Company: Arch. Alessandra Cipriani Name: Alessandra Cipriani Web Address: www.alessandracipriani.com Email: [email protected]