Q2 2021

12 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2021 , Guiding a Roadmap to Recovery Communication is key to business large and small, but many struggle to build connections, particularly in the tourism sector. A comprehensive solution is key, and has been developed by the teamat Promediacom. Now, following the firm’s recognition as Best Integrated Communications Agency – Italy in the European Enterprise Awards 2020, we look at this talented teama little more closely to discover some of the secrets behind their success. The tourism industry is a key part of the way that many European countries thrive, and have obviously been affected significantly by the lack of travel brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Italy is, perhaps, one of the more clearly affected. There is a need, therefore, to not just advertise the country to people around the world once more, but to make meaningful connections that guarantee they visit the country. The team behind Promediacom know that a key aspect of this will be digital marketing, but also that key relationships that have been severed must be rebuilt first and foremost. As leading consultants in the field, the team at Promediacom are working alongside small and large Italian companies and organizations to enhance their digital marketing. This training will start from structural, organizational and communicative criticalities. Following the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, those who travel will have different needs and habits when compared to before. Whatever new marketing is developed must be in line with the “new normal”. Unlike most businesses, which have been forced to adapt how they operate to embrace alternative methods of selling to the customer, tourism by its nature still relies on physical interactions with the customer. Exploring the potential of digital tools will be essential to getting the industry going again. The vision that Promediacom has brought together is one that draws together institutions and the territory of those institutions in order to ensure the survival of both. In this transition, institutions, regional and municipal administrations, tourist boards but also trade associations, in partnership with agencies and consultants in the area of reference, must be called upon to develop real free training Dec20057 projects that support small and medium-sized enterprises in the tourism sector. The skills that the Italian tourist industry is renowned for is its ability to communicate clearly with those who come to see the splendid sights that Italy has to offer. It’s vital to train up this generation and the next to transfer these skills online. When Promediacom looks at the market, they see a tourist who will not be the same as before. They will want shorter vacations, have smaller budgets and be determined to explore what options are available that will save them money. Above all, safety in the current climate will be their foremost concern. Promediacom aims to create a campaign that focuses on these needs, creating a situation where customers are aware of what Italian businesses are doing to solve the crisis while ensuring that Italian businesses are raising the standards of reception ever higher. It’s clear to the team at Promediacom that any campaign moving forward must be built on a base of trust. The structures and the territories must communicate potential customers not just the richness and beauty of Italian culture, but how they will be safe when they visit. Never before has it been so key for all aspects of the tourism industry to team up and work together, and that conversation is exactly what the team at Promediacom is facilitating. With all their media savvy, they are creating a completely non-profit platform of information and collaboration, where the entrepreneur of the tourism sector can find information, numbers, strategies and projects that will benefit the entire industry. It’s truly breathtaking ambition, and is why Promediacom has thrived in the most challenging of circumstances. Company: Promediacom Name: Louis Molino Email: [email protected]