Q2 2022

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2022 , Dec21520 Best Event Cleaning Company 2021 KIWI Event Services, an events cleaning solution that has made itself an invaluable partner to clients, has made itself even more of a cornerstone since the outbreak of the pandemic. Cleaning, especially for big events, is now absolutely crucial, and companies like KIWI Event Services have been busier than ever to find ways to mitigate the risk, implementing new cleaning products and solutions to be able to do so. For KIWI Event Services, this has also meant an opportunity to further increase the sustainability of its products, another pivotal element of modern cleaning operations. An experienced service that offers cleaning services and events services – both in its home nation of Germany and further afield – KIWI Event Services has become incredibly well known as a paragon of its industry. Nominally, with expert solutions that ensure sustainable hygiene preservation at events and in business venues, it works hard to ensure the safety of all attendees, cleaning exhibition stands, bathrooms, and even vehicles present at events or shows as part of the display. It wishes to help clients to see professional cleaning services in a whole new light, a service that has become even more pivotal an element of any event with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it has begun to see a higher demand for its services than ever since the world’s trade and events industries have begun to re-open. With many well-known companies and industry heavyweights placing their trust in it to clean for them, it presents sustainable hygiene services at events and in buildings, employing a fairly paid, experienced, well-trained team of staff that each take their role incredibly seriously. Uniformly, they will not be satisfied until the client is satisfied, performing with such excellence as to attract return customers such as Mercedes Benz, Polestar, Ford, Metro, and FIA. Soon, it hopes to be adding Porsche to this star-studded client roster, using ecologically degradable products and hiring multi-lingual employees. Regarding its focus on green products, this gives it the ability to provide an internationally competent service that treads lightly, preserving the health of the event attendees and the planet. Furthermore, in the future, it will be implementing even more sustainability focused products and solutions into itself, making its processes even more efficient and introducing its electric fleet, planting 100 new trees on a monthly basis in order to offset its carbon footprint. With this dedication to client and planet in mind, it is looking forward to a bright future, and excited to see what kind of events it will get to serve in the near future. Company: KIWI Event Services Contact: CEO Claudio Hauser Website: kiwi-services.de